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What with the weather getting cooler here in the Midwest, and downright frightful on the east coast, i thought I would wax poetic a bit about a favourite winter garment. (and thank you Tammy Langford Baker, for the inspiration). Gloves, Gloves, GlovesGloves, Gloves, Gloves There's something you c...
For those moms and dads who are wondering when the official time for the City of Evanston's trick or treating is... the city's website lists the official date/time frame as Monday October 31st, from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. So send the little ones (and some of the big ones) out in their costumes, door-to...
I admit to not being 100% sure what they're trying to say here. This is from a listing in our MLS, and I think they're trying to tell us that this listing doesn't require adult diapers? Good to know, right... 'cause that's a major concern, when dealing with foreclosures these days!
There's an e-mail that's been running viral on the internet, popping in and out of virtual mailboxes across the country.  It's been attributed to Warren Buffett, so I checked on Snopes.com, and sure enough it actually was something that Warren Buffett said in July in an interview with Becky Quick...
I've always considered twitter to be a young person's game. I've never understood the value of Twitter... why on earth would someone care to know (in 140 characters or less) where I am, and what I'm doing? "I'm at Starbucks drinking a frappucino" (who cares?) "I'm riding the train" (so what?) "I'...
I have been absent from Active Rain (as well as many other places) for the last several days, not purposely, but because on Saturday morning... I managed to be one of the few who was able to reserve a Sprint i-phone 4S. That's right... Siri and I are like this [holding up two fingers intertwined]...
The spammy spamsters have become a little more subtle. (and yes, I have blurred out their website... I have no interest in helping further their cause) In addition to their 12 inch posts advertising the benefits of purchasing Nike sneakers, Nike hoodies, Nike visors, Nike thong, and possibly a pa...
There are a handful of folk, here in the rain, who like to comment controversially on many posts. I have been the recipient of a few.  I'm not complaining about that, mind you.  I can handle a controversial comment, as long as it's presented politely, quietly and logically.  I won't respond to an...
In an article this morning, the Chicago Tribune talks about augmented-reality.  A term not that familiar to the average person, including some tech-heads. What the heck is 'Augmented Reality'?... No, it's not something achieved by a Hollywood plastic surgeon, and a couple of synthetic baggies... ...
There has been a wild proliferation of spam, here in the rain, recently. Many featured posts have been inundated with comment after comment toutin the virtues of pillmalls, nikehangouts, and lots of other shopping venues, that undoubtedly would take your money. These strange visitors from anothe...

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