real estate: give HIM the check please! - 01/18/09 01:16 AM
There's a local show, here in Chicago, that's kinda taken public television by storm.  It's called "Check Please", and it began quite unnoticed in 2001, but soon took off.  I blogged about it before, noting that in 2001, as they just began, they had a State Senator from Ilinois on the show.  That show never aired... for many reasons... but due to Barack Obama's newfound fame, they decided to air it on this past Friday, as their 100th episode!
I watched the show (here's a clip).   There were three normal Chicagoans (well, two and senator Obama) who'd recommended their favourite … (4 comments)

real estate: Sea Change - 01/17/09 04:51 AM
A "Sea Change" is defined as a profound or notable change.  It usually refers to the moment that a major change in a long-standing trend takes place.
I was out with a buyer today, and he told me:
"I've been thinking about buying a property for a couple of years... but you know, the market has been so weird, up and down... and down... and down... and the stock market has been weird... and all the layoffs....
      but the prices on some of these homes... they're just so cheap, that I think it makes sense, now, to start buying".
It … (13 comments)

real estate: Barack yourself again!! - 01/17/09 03:54 AM
As if I didn't have enough fun creating the Obamicon yesterday... Today, I found this website at, which allows you to look a bit more silly... er... I mean presidential.
Just in time for the inauguration... I think these would make great postcards which I could then drop from a helicopter around the inaugural parade route... yeah, that's the ticket.
This was surprisingly easy to do, and other than the slight colour difference (I don't see anything do you?) pretty effective.
Eastern European American meets African American, with a 'tude.

real estate: Chick-flicks and Uzi's - 01/16/09 07:25 AM
I have Caren Wallace to thank for this MeMe! I am unbelievably flattered that she considers me in the friends category... (or wait... she didn't say whether I was in the friends category, or the near enemies one... hmmmm.... I'm going to presume it's the friends one... yeah, that's it... the FRIENDS one!)
Here are the rules for this MeMe !
1. Create a blog with a link to the person who so happily tagged you. See above!  CHECK!
2. List all of these rules in the post. Feel free to cut and paste this.  CHECK!
3. Share seven things that … (21 comments)

real estate: Barack yourself! - 01/16/09 01:12 AM
We've all seen the Iconic Image of Barack Obama on that wonderful Red, White & Blue Poster designed by Shephard Fairey.  It was made into posters, bumper stickers, advertisements, tickets, brochures... egads, it was everywhere you looked.  Well, now, in honour of Tuesday's upcoming inauguration of our new president... you, too can have your image Obama-ed.
Visit, and have your photo turned into an iconic image, just in time for the inauguration.  It's fun, it's free... and gosh-darn-it, it's ICONIC!
Hey, I'd vote for that guy! ------->

real estate: A guy walks into a bar - 01/15/09 12:28 PM
This is the continuation of my series intended to bring humour  to the active rain community.
Jokes that are, above all, clean (just in case you want to relate them to a client)
Easy to remember, (recognizing that our Realtor demographic is aging... just a tiny bit... and memory is the second thing to go... I don't remember what the first thing is).
And they need to be funny... so many of the jokes we hear are NOT funny...
In fairness... this one is a bit longer, so may not be quite as easily remembered, but I figure it's funny … (11 comments)

real estate: Frozen Niblets - 01/15/09 09:28 AM
Those of you who know me, know that I am not one to complain about cold weather. (Yeah, right, I complain about it at every opportunity, and this seems to be another opportunity.)
In Chicago, we had minus ten degrees Fahrenheit today, and expect more of the same tomorrow.  In weather like this... it's a good idea to pay attention to the cold... it can be a serious health hazard. (Those of you who live in moderate southern states can tune to a different station now.)
Here is some of the advice from the U.S. Department of Health on the subject.

real estate: Where in the heck is Carmen Reblog? - 01/15/09 06:13 AM
Lately, I've noticed, that some of my posts have been reblogged.  I take this as the ultimate compliment, as someone thought the information I posted was good enough to share with their group of friends and subscribers.
Other than a couple of people who've told me that they were going to reblog, I have little idea where those reblogs wound up.  I know there used to be a way to check and see where they went (you could go to your points summary, and see a notation marked "reblog"... click on it, and it would take you directly to that reblogger's … (14 comments)

real estate: Active Rain taking hold - 01/14/09 06:13 AM
According to my latest "residential specialist" magazine, Online Social networks and blogs are taking hold.  They report that as per NAR's 2008 Realtor Technology Survey, 33% of agents and brokers say that they participate in some sort of social networking and blogging for business purposes.
Agents say they are participating on social networking sites in order to reach consumers (62%) to reach other Realtors (48%) and to reach Realtor organizations (35%).
Those who participate each and every day (sound familiar?) are likely to participate in
    FACEBOOK: 10%    ACTIVE RAIN: 8%    SELF-HOSTED BLOG: 7%    MySPACE: 6%    TWITTER: 5%
For those who … (16 comments)

real estate: Has the economy left you a bit bruised? - 01/14/09 05:32 AM
Today, your credit score is more important than ever.  A good credit score can be the difference between being able to refinance, or not... or be the difference between being able to afford the house of your dreams, or not.
If the latest bouts of economic frivolities have left your credit a bit worn and bruised, never fear.... here are a few tips for repairing mildly bruised credit.
  1) Order your credit report from the to three credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian)... It's possible for the three reports to be slightly different, since creditors aren't required to report to … (8 comments)

real estate: What is that smell? - 01/14/09 02:20 AM
Barbara Duncan's recent post, reminded me of our experience (many years ago) with a neighbourhood skunk, I thought I'd relate.
Over a period of several months, we'd been smelling skunks in our area... the weather had been hot, we'd been sleeping with the windows open, and each evening, without fail, came the strong smell wafting through our 2nd floor bedroom windows... it was noxious.
So... we contacted a local pest control, who recommended calling the city of Evanston, who had a nuisance-pest-removal program... which was free.  Sure enough Evanston said they'd send out a guy right away.  The trapper said they … (20 comments)

real estate: What is this? - 01/13/09 05:45 AM
This is the continuation of my seriesintended to bring humour to the active rain community. 
Jokes that are, above all, clean (just in case you want to relate them to a client)
Easy to remember, (recognizing that our Realtor demographic is aging... just a tiny bit... and memory is the second thing to go... I don't remember what the first thing is).
And they need to be funny... so many of the jokes we hear are NOT funny... 
So, without further ado... here we go:
THE … (10 comments)

real estate: Happy Birthday Chelley - 01/13/09 12:35 AM
Happy Birthday to my sister Chelley, who would have been 57 today. Chelley (Rochelle) was taken from us too soon, by Leukemia. Chelley had a playful, joyful spirit.  She laughed easily and long, and was a trusting, fun-loving young woman.
Chelley raised two sons, Adam & Jonathan.  Adam recently married Eden... whom you knew (I know.. Adam & Eden, it's funny, isn't it).  Chelley wasn't able to attend the wedding, but she was there in spirit, and really would have loved the ceremony.  We kept an empty seat for you.
She is sorely missed by her family and friends.  Happy birthday … (7 comments)

real estate: Sun, Sea, Surf & Blogging? - 01/12/09 11:53 PM
Do you like, sun, surf, sand, sea... ?  Would you be willing to travel to Australia?  Last of all, would you be willing to accept a six figure salary?
Well, if you answered yes to all of those questions, you may be eligible to apply for what Australia is calling the "Best job in the World".  In return for lying on the beach of a tropical island for six months as the island's "caretaker", Queensland Australia is offering 150,000 Australian dollars (which is currently $105,000 u.s.) which includes free airfare from the winner's home country to Hamilton Island which is located … (4 comments)

real estate: 7 tips to keep you warm economically! - 01/12/09 06:05 AM
If your area, is anything like here in Chicago... the weather has been cold (and perhaps snowy)... and with high fuel prices, and high expenses in general... here are some tips to keep you economically warm during the cold weather.
1. If you can, open your drapes and curtains facing south during the day.  this will allow natural sunlight to come in, and assist in heating your home.  In the evenings, when the sun has gone down... close any drapes and curtains to keep the warmth inside.
2. If you have drafty windows, cover them with that plastic stuff you can … (12 comments)

real estate: a Jumper Cable - 01/12/09 03:59 AM

This is the continuation of my series intended to bring humour to the active rain community. 
Jokes that are, above all, clean (just in case you want to relate them to a client)
Easy to remember, (recognizing that our Realtor demographic is aging... just a tiny bit... and memory is the second thing to go... I don't remember what the first thing is).
And they need to be funny... so many of the jokes we hear are NOT funny... 
So, without further ado... here we go:
A jumper cable walks into a bar, and climbs up onto the bar … (6 comments)

real estate: On this day in history! - 01/12/09 12:06 AM
January 12th.
Kind of a boring day... Christmas and New Year's have already passed, and it's cold and bleak, with no new holidays on the horizon.  So let's cheer ourselves up a little, by playing my little game.  On this day in history... which of the following famous people was born?
No fair using the internet, or the encyclopedia (if anyone still has a printed version)... use your wits, and your instincts... no fair asking the question on YahooQuestions... figure it out some other way... or guess.  Have fun!  I'll fill in the answer toward the end of the day.

real estate: Enough already! - 01/11/09 02:29 AM
On an internet network, where Liz Moras, and Jesse Clifton participate, it's probably indelicate, nay foolish, to complain about winter, but I'm going to do it anyway.
Recently Jesse mentioned that it was -60° where he's located... (a couple of degrees north of Santa's Workshop apparently), and the sun rarely gets much higher than the horizon during the winter, and the frost on the road, forms into little snow-devils and lifts 18 wheel semis off the road, and deposits them high in the trees.... (hmmm, I may be slightly misremembering his blog... that didn't sound quite right... but oh, well... accuracy … (24 comments)

real estate: Google Earth Oddities - 01/10/09 06:19 AM
Here are some interesting images from Google Earth, that are a little more interesting that you would expect.  These images are frighteningly detailed, shooting from high in the sky, they capture interesting details, that one might presume they couldn't.
From capturing some interesting crop images, to an airborne airplane, a herd of wild African elephants, to prehistoric images clearly designed to be seen ONLY from space [insert twilight zone music here].
A pirate ship sailing into Sydney harbour, a couple of unaware Dutch nude rooftop sunbathers, a giant south American image, and who carved the giant native American profile in the … (13 comments)

real estate: 2 cows in the field - 01/09/09 07:10 AM
In an effort to continue my ongoing attempt to give you short,easily remembered jokes, that are clean and can be told in mixed company... here is my latest effort.  It's clean, it's to the point... and you won't need a notebook to remember it.
Please enjoy with my compliments.  Remember, if you laugh, you only encourage me, and there will be more forthcoming.

Two cows are standing next to each other in a field.
Daisy says to Dolly:
'I was artificially inseminated this morning.
'I don't believe you,' says Dolly
'It's true; no bull!' … (14 comments)

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