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My father smoked a pipe.  Very "Father knows best", I know.  Most of my childhood, I can't picture my father without a pipe.He had a fair collection of pipes, all over the house.  There were pipe stands everywhere, and everything was soaked in that dense smell of stale pipe tobacco.He used to smo...
This has been an interesting week for me.I've had calls from two sellers.  They are both currently listed with other agents, and are deeply disappointed with the service (or lack, thereof) that they are receiving from those agents.After a brief conversation about their listing, pricing and motiva...
The last witness.Lest we forget. 
My cable company has added a new feature.When you've recorded a program on the DVR, it gives you "smart resume" that allows you to fast-forward through the commercials, and automatically restarts when the program returns.I have been wanting this feature for years.  I figured they must have the te...
Allright.  I know it's not sexy, but every now and then I feel its necessary to post some local real estate statistics for my local readers.  These are the statistics for Evanston single-family homes, and attached homes (which would include condos and/or townhomes).
Is this my new car?  Mercedes Benz Maybach 6 Cabriolet.I'm afraid to ask how much it'll cost... and Mercedes isn't talkin'. My guess is it'll be more than my mortgage.I can already envision myself driving clients around to view property.  Er, I mean "client".  Since there's only room for one oth...
I've spent a lot of time, recently, perusing online real estate sites.Lots of Realtors put a great deal of effort into their online presence.  I'm a stickler for spelling. Grammar is not my strong suit, but spelling?  I'm hyper-critical.  It's difficult for me to hold my digital tongue and not co...
Active Rain has been experiencing 'performance' issues, of late.Lots of recent questions in the Q&A section complaining about inability to 'post'... inability to maintain a 'post', and lack of response, or unresponsive activity.It's not really something to worry about... it happens to everyone, e...
I understand that governments are starting to ban the sales of e-cigarettes and other vaping products.  There have been deaths that have been connected to vaping and vaping products, depending on whose statistics you use, in the single or double digits.That means that somewhere between 1 and 99 p...
In a fair number of recent online conversations, there has been some serious confusion over the use of Buyer's agent vs. Selling agent.As most Realtors know, most transations include two agents.  The listing agent, and the selling agent.  The listing agent is fairly straightforward... s/he repres...

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