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Here's a handy list of 10 things you can do to kill your chances of getting a loan today.1. THE PROPERTY NEEDS TOO MUCH WORK!This applies to REO's, foreclosures, and short sales... sure they're good deals, but getting financing can be rough.  Any broken windows, bad (or missing) appliances, leaki...
Active Rain is a community of real estate professionals.  Realtors, Inspectors, Loan Officers, Stagers and everyone else directly and indirectly related to real estate.It can be a little complicated to get started... so let me offer 5 easy steps to screwing up on Active Rain.Don't read any posts....
A recent thread on a popular Facebook Realtor group raised the issue of Ransomware.  The MLS in the city of Sacramento had its MLS hacked, and held for ransom.  The city of Baltimore had all of its software hacked and held for ransom.The original poster of the thread posited that it was a good id...
I found myself in a social conversation with a recent buyer (not mine) of a lovely new home.  He explained to me that he tried, very hard, to find a property without using a buyer's agent... eventually failing and having to use one after all.I asked him, out of curiosity "Why did you spend all th...
I just fielded a call from a gentleman in Louisiana.  He wanted to know what Trulia's number is.  After I recovered my composure (you know... the "wtf... why is he calling ME to ask me Trulia's number?")... I explained that I don't work for Trulia.  Why did you call me to get Trulia's phone numbe...
I showed property to a lovely young couple.They were from out of town, and very unfamiliar with the home-buying process. Exactly the reason why buyer's agents have a job.  This is a confusing process, and it's handy to have help from someone who can guide you through the process.We spent the week...
There's not much more annoying than returning to your car, than finding a "love note" from the city affixed to your windshield.  You know the one... "We'd LOVE to have some money from you!".But it does become just a touch more annoying when you've already put a bunch of quarters into the meter, p...
Some days are just .... well... let me explain.This morning started off like any other... I had an offer on one of my listings... very nice,  during the middle of the day, a second offer came in.  Negotiations all day... and not yet done. Highest and best requests.  Seller is excited.In the middl...
That's what my seller told me, when I suggested that both bathrooms needed toilet seats."Nobody wants to sit on someone else's toilet seats."In my entire career, which now spans millenia, this is the first listing I've ever had, where the seller has removed the toilet seats, and refuses to replac...
A federal court of appeals ruled, yesterday, that chalking the tires of your parked car was a violation of the fourth amendement.  For those of you who don't have an idetic memory of the constitution and all its amendements, the fourth is the one that protects us from unreasonable searches and se...

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