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In a recent post (which, of course, got featured!), Bob Stewart gave us a part of the recipe for the secret sauce that the Feature Fairies use, when deciding to attach a gold star to your post.There has been a lot of concern over what goes into that decision... who makes that determination... and...
I just got off the phone with my mother.  As part of my conversation, she mentioned something about my brother.I was curious... "What about him?", I asked."Well, he's very smart." she replied "not to mention that he's always right.""Personally," I said "I find that a little annoying, don't you?.....
We had a local Active Rain meet-up, today.. hosted by Wayne Martin (thank you Wayne)... and it felt like the Olympics had already begun, as we had representatives from four separate states in attendance.That's right.. I said four!  Illinois, I would expect, because that's where we were meeting, a...
I had the misfortune to be in the office yesterday, as a visiting agent was loudly on the phone with her clients, trying to defend the photos on her listing, and why "they" were not the reason that the property was not getting any showings.She eventually approached a group of we agent who were wo...
"No, you can't come view the property at 1:00.  That's nap time."I don't know about you, but as a buyer's agent, I don't mind if we're showing up at nap time.  Lunchtime, during the week, is the only time my client is available, and we'd really like to see the property.We understand that the baby...
When I was fairly new in the business, there were agents who'd been in the business for many years... and they appeared, (at least to this newbie) to be totally inept.  Having come fresh from real estate classes, I was up on the latest in technology, up on the latest rules and regulations... I ha...
I have a new listing.  It's a great house, it's priced well (if I do say so myself), and our inventory is low, so I fully expect it to sell quickly.We have great activity on the house... two showings on, Wednesday, the very first day (we went live on the market at 4:00 in the afternoon)... seven ...
There's a great deal of conversation going on, right now, about "how to behave during a traffic stop".  There's lots of good advice.When pulling you over, the police have no idea what's awaiting them.  Their adrenalin is pumping, especially with recent events, so anything you can do to easy their...
The call was from a local number.  At least it was "spoofed" from a local number.The caller went right into their script:"You're still a Realtor, aren't you?""Why yes, yes I am"."I've been checking out your online pages and see that you're not active on social media.""Oh... how about that?""89 ga...
Crowdfunding your downpayment.It seems to be the new "it" thing.  Couples are getting married at a more advanced age, than they were when I was young.  The average age of newly wedding couples, these days, is 27's, 28's, and beyond.  By the age of 27, or 28 when they marry... they've often been l...

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