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Tickets for the Broadway play Hamilton went on sale this morning.  I was totally intent to get tickets, so my daughter and I could go see it.It's getting rave reviews across the country... and in New York, seats are going for thousands of dollars.So, I made an appointment with myself to make sure...
"Do you have any advice" the new agent asked "for a new agent?  A sentence or two that will change my world?""Open Houses", I said... "I know that's not even a full sentence, but it changed the arc of my fledgling career."I explained that my first year I sat 51 Sunday Open Houses (I took my birth...
What were they thinking?  What WERE they thinking??!  Seriously... WERE they thinking??My self-image is poor enough, that I could never even enter this bathroom, let alone drop my drawers and watch myself go to the bathroom, or heaven forfend, get completely nekkid and take a shower.Alan... nekk...
This is the sight that met us, at the property we saw this afternoon, as we stepped out into the yard.  My client wondered what the heck was happening to the chimney.This was a brick home, and the chimney seemed to have a parge coating on it, that was falling off in sheets.It made the buyer wond...
Three weeks into the contract, and the buyer's attorney slips in a letter that states "oh, by the way.... we're going to change this deal to an FHA Streamline 203K deal, and we'll need you guys to resign the contract dating it two weeks from now, with a final closing date 30 days beyond our origi...
In a recent question, in AR's Q&A section, Bill Polack asks a question about lenders approching Realtors.  He tells us: "I had a client interested in buying 2 properties. I reached out to a Realtor who I’ve never worked with before and told him I had a client for him. His response was, “Great! An...
As a new agent, I spent a large amount of my time targeting new home buyers.  Those are the buyers who, in my area, are looking to buy in the $150,000-$250,000 price range.  I didn't spend much time looking to work with buyers in higher price points.  I figured that the buyer of more expensive pr...
This has nothing to do with real estate, but I feel compelled to promulgate this brave young woman's message to her attacker.  It's long, but I highly recommend taking the time to read through her impressive and poignant letter directed at her assailant. This is the same story that's been in the ...
Well I'm not braggin' babe so don't put me downBut I've got the fastest set of wheels in townWhen something comes up to me he don't even tryCause if I had a set of wings man I know she could flyShe's my little deuce coupeYou don't know what I got(My little deuce coupe)(You don't know what I got) ...
"Yes, I know there are a bunch of lockboxes there...  Mine is the one with my business card on the back".I get that call all the time.  Which one is yours?  Well, it says in the showing instructions that mine has my business card on the back.  Also, my combination is a four digit code, and the ot...

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