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This is the time of the year when one begins to reflect.  And, no, I'm not talking about the bathroom mirror.The year is quickly wrapping up... did you accomplish all you wanted to accomplish?  Did you spend as much time as you wanted with your family? Did you get to take those vacations you want...
Ocassionally, I've read online, where an agent has been contacted by a buyer, or seller to simply handle the paperwork on a transaction for a flat fee.The buyer and seller have already found each other, and they simply want a Realtor to handle the paperwork.  Sometimes they offer a small percenta...
My daughter called me early a morning last week and said "Dad?", with that tiny voice... all you dads reading this know that 'tiny voice'... the one that says "something's wrong"."What's wrong?" I asked... "I went to start my car, this morning, heading to work, and it's making a funny noise.""Wha...
My siblings and I have spent the past week breaking up mom's condo, as she heads for a nursing home.  But that's not the real story, here.As part of breaking up mom's condo, we came across a drawer full of old photos, and spent a lot of time going through the photos, resurrecting memories, and sh...
There's a little party going on in the Q&A area, over the "What's wrong with someone borrowing your photographs?" issue.There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of grey area in this one... most seem to fall on one side, or t'other of this issue.  They are  all "peace love and understanding" with "Wha...
My very good friend Tammie Langford... uh, no that's not right, ... Tammy Langford... still not right, oh yeah... Tammy Lankford... yes, that's right... my very good personal friend Tammy Lankford reminded me on her recent post that yesterday, was my Aluminum anniversary, here on Active Rain.For ...
So... this is the button and icon that I found whilst using the micro-bathroom on the airplane.The airplane's bathroom, as I'm sure y'all know, is barely big enough to turn around... (reminiscent of an old W.C.Fields line) has a button that on it's face, seems to able to call for drink service.Re...
I'm returning, today, from a wonderful trip to visit my kids, and grandkids, in the bay area.  We had a great time, connecting and reconnecting, and yet I'm sure my daughter and son-in-law will be thrilled to return to their normal routine.I'm currently waiting at the gate of my flight, using pub...
"I called three agents, and you're the first one who answered his phone". Said the voice at the other end of the call."I'd like you to show me this $600,000 property.  The listing agent offered to show it to me, but I want my own agent".I was suspicious.  It sounded too easy, but as the call cont...
I've been a real estate agent a long time.  A looong time. And during that time I've attended a lot of inspections, and I learn something new at each and every inspection.The knowledge I've picked up from random inspectors has proved invaluable as I show properties to my clients.  It helps me kno...

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