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I have a new listing.  It's a great house, it's priced well (if I do say so myself), and our inventory is low, so I fully expect it to sell quickly.We have great activity on the house... two showings on, Wednesday, the very first day (we went live on the market at 4:00 in the afternoon)... seven ...
There's a great deal of conversation going on, right now, about "how to behave during a traffic stop".  There's lots of good advice.When pulling you over, the police have no idea what's awaiting them.  Their adrenalin is pumping, especially with recent events, so anything you can do to easy their...
The call was from a local number.  At least it was "spoofed" from a local number.The caller went right into their script:"You're still a Realtor, aren't you?""Why yes, yes I am"."I've been checking out your online pages and see that you're not active on social media.""Oh... how about that?""89 ga...
Crowdfunding your downpayment.It seems to be the new "it" thing.  Couples are getting married at a more advanced age, than they were when I was young.  The average age of newly wedding couples, these days, is 27's, 28's, and beyond.  By the age of 27, or 28 when they marry... they've often been l...
Today, I received a call from a security company.They wanted to congratulate me on a property I closed yesterday. (uh... thank you?)And then they wanted to know if my buyers had considered putting in an electronic security system, and if they were... would I mind calling them to let them know tha...
That tell-tale echo... you know the one, that you hear on the other end of the phone... the one that sounds like the person you're talking to is in a tunnel?You often just chalk-it-up to a bad connection.  After all, haven't we gotten used to quirky connection quality on our cell phones these day...
Imagine my luck in finding this note in this morning's direct contacts on Active Rain.A Citi bank banker (hmmm... I wonder if citi bank is different than citibank?) in Dubai, halfway across the world has reached out to li'l ole me to partner with.And only because of his "intergrity"... I can tru...
Tickets for the Broadway play Hamilton went on sale this morning.  I was totally intent to get tickets, so my daughter and I could go see it.It's getting rave reviews across the country... and in New York, seats are going for thousands of dollars.So, I made an appointment with myself to make sure...
"Do you have any advice" the new agent asked "for a new agent?  A sentence or two that will change my world?""Open Houses", I said... "I know that's not even a full sentence, but it changed the arc of my fledgling career."I explained that my first year I sat 51 Sunday Open Houses (I took my birth...
What were they thinking?  What WERE they thinking??!  Seriously... WERE they thinking??My self-image is poor enough, that I could never even enter this bathroom, let alone drop my drawers and watch myself go to the bathroom, or heaven forfend, get completely nekkid and take a shower.Alan... nekk...

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