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I had the extreme good fortune to accompany my daughter as she delivered the Keynote speech for the graduating class of the occupational therapy department of the University of Illinois Chicago campus.My daughter graduated as an O.T. from the very same program almost 10 years ago, and had been b...
In mentoring some new agents, I always tell them that Active Rain can be a great source of business, and they should consider blogging on the site.The most frequent objection I get is the perennial "I don't know what to write".I had that conversation with a new agent just this morning, and I told...
For those of you who don't know, today was National Hot Dog day. And as such, I treated myself to a quintessential Chicago-style hot dog.Not, as you might think, because I wanted one.... oh no, no, no... because National Hot Dog day required it of me.  It's like a national obligation.  The world ...
Here in Evanston, Illinois, we're fortunate to have one of the best 4th of July celebrations in the country.  That's right, in the entire country.  We have the 2nd largest 4th of July parade in the state (second only to the City of Chicago's 4th of July parade)... with over 140 entrants, (many of...
Apparently, yesterday Sara Sanders Huckabee and her family, were asked to leave a popular Virginia restaurant, simply because she works for Donald Trump, and the owner of the restaurant is anti-trump.I am a died-in-the-wool Democrat from way back.  Probably in utero.  And a self-professed liberal...
I am an unabashed yelp advocate.I am on yelp and have received contact after contact after contact.  Both buyers and sellers.  And much to Yelp's chagrin, I do not pay them a dime.  I attained visibility on yelp by having clients post testimonials there.  I have a equal amount of reviews that are...
The property never made it on the market.  Word got out, and a couple of buyers saw it, we had two offers... and chose one.  Woo (and also) hoo!  A good offer, we accept.Inspection was done, with a good inspector... (thorough, but not known to panic buyers)... all is well with the world.Until it ...
A colleague of mine just posted a picture of his "office" today... showing his laptop, with his barefeet showing beneath, immersed in the sand at the beach. That was his view, today.Now, of course, my OCD got the better of me, and I started worrying over random bits of sand mucking up the works o...
In my region, we use attorneys on 99.5% of our transactions.  Okay, that's probably not fair... we really use attorneys on 100% of our transactions.  In fact, in my career, which spans decades, I have never once had a transaction that didn't involve an attorney.But I digress.When I have a contrac...
We accepted a lovely offer on a listing of mine.  We had a little bit of back and forth, and settled on terms that were good for us, and we presume good for the buyer, too.They conducted their inspection..  and we received their attorney/inspection letter (in our area we use attorneys for 99% of ...

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