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So many of the new cars have great new dashboards.  Lots and lots of new features, and oh, that smell of leather....mmmm... I love it. (yeah, I'm getting a fresh case of new-car-itis). But, one of the new features they're pushing is these new digital dashboards.The speedometer... the odometer......
"Don't worry", said my new client, "I didn't see those properties with another agent... I just pressed the 'view this property' button online" on the Redfin webstie.I spent the next 10 minutes explaining how that is exactly something I worry about... and that pressing the 'view this property' but...
  Vera, Chuck and Dave.
"Are you planning on meeting me at the listing?" the email asks "I requested a 3:15 showing for your condo at 1234 Sherman avenue tomorrow, and I haven't heard back!" and it's signed Joe Merckowicz..I check my showings on that property,  and while I do have a showing request for 3:15 tomorrow, it...
What do they have in common?  They are all part of the 17 new dolls being marketed by Mattel toys as part of their new Barbie Doll line.  Dolls that are diverse and allow our children to see strong, intelligent role models who they might be able to see themselves in. The timing is excellent, in f...
My aunt used to tell me that the universe speaks in threes.Bad things happen in threes, but so do good things.This is not a good omen.I have a closing this afternoon, so I went over to the condo to make sure nothing untoward has happened.. the place is appropriately emptied... toilets have not ov...
It's a brave new world, for those of you who were unaware.I learned, from my daughter, that most people who are younger than I am (and that covers MOST people, these days) will turn to the internet when considering whether to hire you, or not.They'll conduct a Google-search.  Searching the intern...
One of my newer agents got a phone call, today, from an irate agent."I sent you a showing request yesterday... and you haven't responded""I'm sorry", she replied "I never got your request.""I should report you to your seller!" the narsty agent yelled!"Well.... you're talking to the seller", the a...
I received a phone call, midafternoon, from a new agent. She was sitting an open house, and her voice sounded a touch shakey.She said she was just calling to run some numbers with me...  "Are you at your open house?", I asked."Yes", she said "Yes, that's right".. something hollow in her voice."Is...
For those of you who wonder about the value of blogging, here on Active Rain, and elsewhere... lemee regale you with a little story.A few years back, I was contacted by a fellow rainer... she'd read my blogs, and liked what she saw.. so when she had a client relocating to the Chicago area, she ca...

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