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Last night we were supposed to switch to Daylight Saving Time (yes, it's saving... not savings).  Push the clock ahead an hour... we lost an hour of sleep.I, of course, had showings with a buyer of mine, scheduled for first thing this morning.  There was always a chance that some people, either m...
I just got over a 48-hour senior moment.We just finished conducting an inspection for a buyer of mine... and I was on the phone with the listing agent, explaining that we're going to be asking for an extension, so that we can have the time to have an expert come out to inspect the chimney.  The i...
It's been years since I paid careful attention to my checking account balance.  I know that I keep enough money in there to cover my monthly bills, and I add to it regularly enough that I don't worry about writing a check large enough to throw me into negative numbers.I consider myself fortunate ...
It was a number of years ago... the assisted living facility has "misplaced" our mother."What do you mean she's missing?""Well, she didn't get back to her room after dinner... ""Dinner?!  It's nine o'clock... dinner was five hours ago...   Mom has been missing for five hours!?""Well, we've looked...
We interview for our jobs almost daily, in this business.I was interviewing for my job this week, with a potential seller.  I had sold them the property about a dozen years ago, so I already had a good rapport with them, and had stayed in touch... at least enough that they called me when they wer...
As most of the world knows by now, Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven other people recently died in a horrific helicopter accident.The world has been weighing in on what a wonderful person Kobe was, and how he impacted the sport of basketball, and their lives in general.Online ...
We are coming up on "spring market" in my region.  For some strange reason, we tend to see lots of new properties hit the market right after SuperBowl Sunday.November slows down after Thanksgiving, December tends to be pretty slow, as does January... and then suddenly, for some unknown reason... ...
This, from an icon in Illinois real estate, Lynn Madison.  Lynn has been teaching real estate in Illinois, working with the Illinois Association of Realtor and the North Shore Barrington Board of Realtors since Jesus lost his sandals. She's a font of real estate knowledge, and helps CE classes go...
I received a phone call yesterday from Sirius/XM Radio.  My subscription in my car had expired, so they turned off my service.To be honest, I hadn't even noticed.  I tend to listen more to the collection of my own CDs which I have stored on the car's hard drive.  While I do listen to Sirius/XM (I...
They say you get back what you put out there. Positive thoughts beget positive results.I know we're only a handful of days into the new year, but I have to say that thus far... it looks like it's going to be a gangbuster year.I've noticed a serious uptick in "interest"... this includes phone inqu...

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