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There are lots of people, in this business, who are numbers-driven.  I'm not one of them.  But when push-comes-to-shove (and push always comes-to-shove) I know my numbers.At a closing this morning, as the title agent was handing our closing disclosures, along with checks... she handed me my Coldw...
 I recently heard about a home-seller who was a Sikh.  As some of you may know (I didn't), male Sikh's believe in allowing their hair to grow uncut, as a sign of respect for God's perfect creation. The also allow their beards to grow very long and uncut. They comb their hair twice a day with a sm...
Communication.It's an art.  In our business, it's a critical art. We need to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with our clients.  No grey, confusion... crystal clear communication.Our buyers need to understand what they're signing, what they're buying... the rules involved.Our seller...
I don't often get involved in the life of celebrities.  (okay, okay... it may not be voluntary, it might have something to do with the myriad of restraining orders that require me to stay back at least 500 yards from anyone that anybody might have heard of)You gotta admit: This is one heckuva bir...
As I lay in bed this morning, my consciousness starting to bubble toward the surface, I heard thunder rumbling in the background.  As I awoke I realized it was real and it was loud.  A really big thunderstorm was passing through. Excellent. I have an inspection scheduled, today, with one of my bu...
One of my daughter's friends, let's call her Laura, who lives in St. Louis had recently gone under contract to sell her house... they were due to close in a week and a half.She, and her husband, had already vacated her house and had moved to Michigan. She got a phone call from one of her neighbou...
The holiday (as it were) is over... and we're back to work.Monday was crazed leading into the 4th of July, as we tried to get everything done leading into the holidy.  Then Tuesday, was "off" (still managed to negotiate a contract)... spent the afternoon/evening calming the puppy...  and now it's...
Happy 4th of July, fellow rainers.  Hope you have a wonderful day, and your pets survive all the fireworks without releasing their bowels all over your home, or quaking in fear beneath the bed, whimpering all night.Fireworks are anything but fun for many of our furry family members.  Remember tha...
Those of you who are dealing with family members with dementia or Alzheimers will understand this story.This evening the facility that cares for my mother, who has Alzheimers, called to let us know that ... they couldn't find her.  Someone had taken her downstairs to dinner, but when they went to...
What do you get when you mix black manganese oxide with a handful of chemicals and heat them all to 2,000 degrees farenheit?Well, in the case of Crayola, you get a new vivid blue pigment that is resistant to fading.This is an exciting new discovery for Crayola, so exciting, in fact, that they're ...

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