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Beth Lewis, of Perl Mortgage threw a BBQ event in Wilmette for some of her best Realtor clients... and she invited me, too.It was held at a place called Backyard Barbecue.  Apparently it's been in Wilmette for about 14 years, and I'd never heard of it.  The place used to be a car wash (as you can...
Askhole free zone.By definition, an askhole free zone would not be anything to do with real estate.  There are askholes everywhere you look.  In the office, in your cars, at open houses, on the phone.My advice: Avoid askholes whenever you can. Here are a few things you can do to avoid those askho...
I am one of those agents who gets irritated when buyer's agent don't follow the "showing instructions" clearly printed on the listing.More often, than not, in our area it says "use showing time"... and there is a button to click, or a showingtime contact number.  So when the occassional reading-i...
I get a lot of strange emails, these days, that are suspicious.They seem to be targeting them more directly to Realtors.I get "dotloop" emails, I get "docusign" emails, and some that are just generic like this one you see to the left.It makes it seem as though they're copying me on a contract... ...
Today, for a least a few minutes, all over the country... eyes turned upward toward the sky.The smart ones used glasses like those shown to the left. And the others ... well... you know how that worked out.There was a last-minute rush to find those glasses.  People all over Facebook, and other di...
I've been a real estate agent for a long time.  I never really believed I'd be able to say that, but it's true. And as one of the old-timers, I have taken several of the new agents under my wing, to guide them, in office procedures, and help them as they have their initial interactions with the p...
I was running hard for most of the year..... no, not like Marathons, or anything like that... but from client to client, buyer to buyer, seller to seller... it's been a strong market... houses selling faster than I can keep up with.Suddenly, and without warning, there is this total eclipse of the...
There are lots of people, in this business, who are numbers-driven.  I'm not one of them.  But when push-comes-to-shove (and push always comes-to-shove) I know my numbers.At a closing this morning, as the title agent was handing our closing disclosures, along with checks... she handed me my Coldw...
 I recently heard about a home-seller who was a Sikh.  As some of you may know (I didn't), male Sikh's believe in allowing their hair to grow uncut, as a sign of respect for God's perfect creation. The also allow their beards to grow very long and uncut. They comb their hair twice a day with a sm...
Communication.It's an art.  In our business, it's a critical art. We need to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with our clients.  No grey, confusion... crystal clear communication.Our buyers need to understand what they're signing, what they're buying... the rules involved.Our seller...

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