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As real estate professionals, we are constant targets for all sorts of marketing pitches.I get phone calls, all the time, from people trying to sell me stuff.  Some of the calls are recorded, some are live salespeople (who have some difficulty with the word "no").And I rarely (read that as "never...
This is yet another case of why it's good to have an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor on your side.In a recent closing I had agreed to provide a carbon-monoxide detector to the buyer. My seller was required to supply one, and I had plenty.I was only required to supply one, for the bedroom ar...
At the walk-thru for the property the buyer's agent said to me: "I don't see the Carbon Monoxide detectors anywhere... were you planning on bringing those to the closing?""Uh.... yeah... bringing them to the closing... that's what I'm planning.... yeah!"That was a good reminder.  I had agreed to ...
No post today, 'cause it's my birthday.That's right.  I'm taking the day off 'cause  it's my birthday! As a birthday gift to me, if you should feel so inclined,and could manage to top 100 comments,whilst I'm gone... well, that would just be icing on the cake.The birthday cake. Congratulations to ...
The kitchen was just too small.... no... that's not fair... the kitchen was plenty large.The kitchen needed updating... well, not really... the appliances were only a year or two old.They really wanted a four-bedroom... geeze, the place was a three-bedroom when we made the appointment, so that do...
The sign of a librarian with a great sense of humour.Still waters run deep.  And those poor librarians have to be quiet and polite.  Their creative tendencies squashed.So on April fool's day, they let their "funny" out for a little exercise, for a run around the block.They take it on a half marat...
I'm a fan of April Fool's Pranks.... (except, just like everyone else, when the fool turns out to be me).But this seems a little over the top, don'tcha think?Someone went up and down the street and Slashed everyone's tires.There's nothing more exhausting than getting up in the morning and finding...
A well-known and beloved baseball player of yesteryear was known to say "When you come to a fork in the road, you should take it!".I think he'd taken too many hardballs to the ole noggin, but in this case I think he may have been right.  But it's also important to recognize that fork in the road....
I have a dog.  Well, I have partial custody of a dog.  The ex-wife has main custody, and I get to visit with little Gus when she's off galavanting around the globe with the new boyfriend.I love it when I get little Gus.  He and I get to spend some quality time together.  Quality time involves poo...
There has been a fair amount of myth-busting going on here on Active Rain, some of it done by me. There are a handful of myths about real estate, too... so I thought I'd take a shot at those. MYTH #1  There are no special skills required to sell real estate.  This one makes me laugh all the time...

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