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I ran across a friend's post, the other day.I read the post, and made my comment (I usually comment before reading the other posts... as I don't want to be influenced by their thoughts).  After making my comment, I started to read the comments, and found one of the commenters had posted a "drive-...
I still have the best job in the world.  I love what I do, and I feel I do it well.If you're doing it right, this is one of the few jobs in the world where you're constantly interviewing to be employed.  If you're not interviewing... well, then you're probably struggling.Each and every day, when ...
Imagine my surprise, this morning, when I awoke...there she was... the sun... once again starting her arcacross the western sk.... wait a minnute...ahem - across the EASTERN sky.... yeah, that's the ticket... the eastern sky...(wait... north is that way... yeah... yeah... .eastern).Once more into...
Sometimes, with all of the things that wander in our brains, it can cause a little anxiety."I have to make sure I order those signs"... "I need to prepare that CMA"... "I need to set up that property tour"... etc, etc, etc.... round and round she goes...Last night was one of those nights... sleep...
As a Realtor, you want to be the source of information for your clients.You can't possibly know everything.  I know, I know... many agents already think they know everything... they don't.  But if you've been in this business for a length of time, you've learned a lot, and you can be the source o...
"You're approved to show my property" the listing agent responded."The sellers may be home, so ring the doorbell first...  wait five minutes... and then use the lockbox...""Wait", I asked "you want me to wait for FIVE minutes?""Yes, wait five minutes, and then use the lockbox.""Seriously??  You w...
Visiting properties, yesterday, with new clients.One of them went down to the basement, and called up the stairs "There's a strong smell of gas down here".My first thought, of course, is to respond "I haven't even been in the basement yet.  It wasn't me!"  I barely managed to keep from blurting t...
Escalation clause.  For those of you who asking "What the heck is an escalation clause?  It sounds painful."An escalation clause is a tool used by buyer's agents, typically as part of a multiple offer situation, that says: "We will pay $X,XXX more than your highest offer".I have found myself on b...
I'm conducting, what I like to call, a death march tomorrow.What's a death march, you ask?  Well, it's a day full of showings that's long enough to cause even the heartiest of buyers (and their Realtor) to spontaneously die (or want to) during the lengthy day of showings.As many of you know, who'...
I attending a closing today... I was the listing agent, and my seller did not attend. When I attend these round-table closings, especially when my seller isn't there, I don't have much to do, other than collect a check at the end, and notify my seller that he is now "officially homeless" (my stan...

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