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This blog is about the Real Estate Market in Granada Hills, San Fernando valle, Los Angeles county, Home sales statistics, real estate news, mortgage news, loan modification programs and my trips.



According to the California Association of Realtors the market is as follow: Existing home sales decreased 3% in January to 539,040 units.  The statewide median home price of a home decreased to 6.3% in January to $287,440, a 15% increased frm the revised $249,960 median home price for January 20...
To stablish and maintain a good credit record and to demostrate your ability to manange and repay your debts, make a spending plan and live within it. To develop a spending plan, take the following steps:  Determine your monthly income. List your fixed monthly expenses. Fixed expenses stay the sa...
Credit cards can be either your friend or your worst enemy.  If you pay yur credit cards on time and in full each month, they can offer you up to 30 days of "interest free money" and give you an excellent credit history. If you allowed your credit cards to reach high, unpaid balances, of if you o...
Click on the Highlighed  name to view a video and how the goverment sold  Indymac to West Bank and Goldmans Sachs and they are making money on the short sales.                                             INDYMAC SHORT SALES   Granada Hills Real Estate, Granad...
There are over a hundred and sixty homes and condos in preforeclosure in Altadena, many of them are going to ended up in Foreclosure. It seems that the real estate market is going to be down for a whire.                                                  Altadena Preforeclosures     http://www.stop...
To help you develop your spending and savings plan, it's important to examine your spending habits. Ask yourself the following questions.  If you can answer "yes", you may be at risk of damaging your credit an setting yourself up for financial difficulties. Are you currently unable to save any mo...
There are a lot of homes in Short Sale in Burbank, CA, more than Foreclosed Homes, our inventory is short and there are plenty of buyers competing for the same homes, condos and townhomes with mulitple offers, some of them 10-40K above the asking price. They are pushing the sales price up, First ...
Check all Homes and Condos in Preforeclosure in Arleta, CA. as of 02/06/2010.  Some of the Homes have adjustable rate mortgages                     ARLETA HOMES & CONDOS               
Credit is the ability to borrow tomorrow's money to pay for something you get today, such as home, furniture, or car, under an agreement to pay it back. From the time that you receive your goods to the time that you pay for them, you owe a debt, Credit is extended through several means, including...
     Single Family Residence  Time Period Number of Sales Median Sale Price   Dec 2009 5,125 $350,000   Dec 2008 4,216 $330,000   Nov 2009 4,222 $345,000   Nov 2008 3,612 $350,000   2009 YTD 53,460 $325,000   2008 44,817 $400,000   Condominium  Time Period Number of Sales Median Sale Price   Dec...

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