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The Ridgewood Real Estate Blog focuses on issues related to Ridgewood NJ Real Estate and homes for sale in Ridgewood New Jersey. This blog is written by Al Donohue of Marron, Gildea & Donohue Realtors located in Ridgewood NJ.



These Great Ridgewood Websites provide comprehensive info on 2 of the best aspects of Ridgewood NJ - Ridgewood Schools and Ridgewood Businesses. Ridgewood Public Schools Website - #5 on the Ridgewood Front Porch list. The Ridgewood Public Schools site is a great resource for parents of current Ri...
The Ridgewood Blog and Ridgewood Views are 2 Ridgewood "Must Reads". The Ridgewood Blog - #3 on our Top Ten List. There are many great websites and blogs focused on Ridgewood NJ so it was hard to pick just 10.  Below are two of my favorite Ridgewood Sites.  The Ridgewood Blog and Ridgewood Views ...
Ridgewood residents may not feel rich but according to Money Magazine we are a town filled with Top Earners. In Money Magazine's July 2008 list of the 25 Top Earning Towns in the United States, Ridgewood ranks just ahead of Manhattan Beach CA and one spot behind Greenwich CT.  Ridgewood was the o...
Here's a 30 second video of my favorite uncle telling me how much he loves me, in his own way, via video.  The video also includes my family's reaction to his loving words.  These are the first words I heard from him as I pulled into his driveway after getting lost on my way to his house.
Ridgewood High School Ranks #7 in New Jersey Monthly's List of NJ High Schools The death of the Ridgewood School System has been greatly exaggerated. Despite Math Wars and faculty changes, Ridgewood High School moved up 17 places on NJ Monthly's 2008 list of top New Jersey High Schools.  Ridgewoo...
My home in Ridgewood was recently the venue for my annual client appreciation party. I had a great time and, more importantly, so did my family, friends, colleagues and clients. Obviously, I love spending time with my friends and family but I have been lucky to be associated with clients and col...
I took a bit of a beating from some folks for my post Confessions of an Active Rain Parasite but I also received a lot of thought provoking and insightful comments.  The gist of many comments was either "Get over yourself" or "Don't be so selfish". See sample comments below. You can pretty much ...
This is a slide show from a Client Appreciation BBQ that I hosted at my house this summer.  I wanted to share (yes, I used the S-word) an idea that I have found works well.  For those who called me selfish in my previous Confessions of a Parasite post - here is my first shot at offering somethin...
The Ridgewood Real Estate market is buzzing with a rumor that Green Bay Packer Legend Brett Favre, now with the NY Jets, is house hunting in Ridgewood NJ.  Will he become the latest in a long line of famous Ridgewood residents or will this rumor prove false just like the "Johnny Damon is moving ...
The average price of a home in Ridgewood NJ decreased from June to July of this year but fluctuations in Ridgewood Home Sales from month-to-month are very common given the small sample size (25 homes sold in July).  For better gauge of Ridgewood Home Price Trends click here to view a Comparison ...

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