buying: Tornado Warning and Showings - 03/04/18 07:54 PM
 "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way.  If you don't you'll find an excuse."
Jim Rohn
You may be reading the title and thinking to yourself, "Tornado Warning???"  That sounds more like a reason than an excuse to cancel showings."
Even though my referred buyers were from out-of-town, they grew up in the Oklahoma metro area and were familiar with the ever-changing weather.  Some viewing days were heat filled, while others required a jacket.  Some were "blow your socks off" windy and other days we could barely catch a breeze.  And, when the tornado watch announcement aired just hours before … (16 comments)

buying: Extra Bedroom Please! - 01/03/17 01:57 PM
When I "drive up to the menu" of houses (in the not so distant future), I will be looking for one important item:  An Extra Bedroom to call my own.
As I mention this, to family and friends ~
they immediately ask "Are you and Andy doing OK?"
Yes, my husband and I are quite happy.
So, why do I want a bedroom of my own?
If you look closely at the picture ~ you will see a microscopic clue ~ tiny pieces of foam ~ so compact they can fit in your ear ~ yet expand to block out an enormous amount of sound.
You … (14 comments)

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