arizona realtor: Free internet is over folks……don't say I didn't warn you - 04/24/14 05:03 AM
Update.  So in reading your comments I think they're might be some confusion.  The internet is not free guys, we pay for it right, via Cox, Comcast or some other ISP (Internet Service Provider).  What's not going to be free anymore is certain content, the Internet providers have been litigating against the FCC to charge for content and that's what Net Neutrality means.  The content is going to be tiered and charged.  Please don't confuse that "some sort of free internet" is going away.  No such thing
The Internet is forever changed as of today.  Remember when I blogged about Net Neutrality … (99 comments)

arizona realtor: Activerain has teamed up with Trulia, OK great, now what? - 04/09/14 11:48 PM
I've been slowly watching, listening and reading the blogs about the merger between ActiveRain and Trulia.  I guess the ebb and flow of the business world is inevitable, and one can either choose to accept it or not.  I choose to accept it, it's a facet of life, particularly in the business life cycle of a company such as ActiveRain.  Trulia has seen the benefit of Activerain and decided boldly to act on it by moving to merge with it.  Now what will it do with it?
Some people dislike the move, most are positive and some are neither here nor there. … (9 comments)

arizona realtor: Who is exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate deal? - 02/16/14 09:00 PM
When you're in escrow as an agent with a transaction that is utilizing a VA loan, generally, there is always a VA funding fee.  However, some good info for you to know as an agent is that some people are exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate transaction.
The funding fee is a percentage of the loan amount which varies on the type of loan (1st time use vs subsequent usage) and the veterans military category.  More on this below.  Here's the funding fee chart for your files and to use in being able to explain this to your … (0 comments)

arizona realtor: Solar panels and the additional value they can add to your home - 02/11/14 02:48 AM
Here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona when the temperature reaches 115 degrees in July and August, there's a real opportunity for real estate agents to explain to buyers the potential solar panels add to a house their clients maybe considering buying.  Remember though, our heat is only a dry heat. 
I used to live in a house that used this very technology and it was my first time doing so.  I have to tell you, it turned out to be awesome, the first time I got a check from the power company for power I hadn't used but that they bought from … (6 comments)

arizona realtor: Ex NSA spy launches free email encryption service….check this out! - 01/24/14 01:22 AM
Given everything that's recently occurred with the breach of data at Target stores and the revelations by Ed Snowden about the NSA, many Americans are re-thinking how they communicate and what they communicate.  I can tell you having worked for the government and someone who's held some of the highest security clearances in the government, its scary what they can do and I've seen it first hand during the Global War on Terror. Think I'm exaggerating, check this out! 
This week, Virtru launched very quietly and is the brain child of a former NSA architect Will Ackerly, it will allow you to … (6 comments)

arizona realtor: Facebook to lose 80% of users by 2017….updated...Facebook responds! - 01/23/14 12:53 PM
All organisms in nature follow a clear path from birth to growth to maturity to old age and finally death.  Interestingly, businesses are no different.  The same graph that charts the numbers of bacteria in a colony over time-called a "bell curve"-is the same as a graph showing the lifespan of a company. 
Facebook interest has peaked and the largest social network will lose 80% of its users by 2017.  That's only 3 years from now!
Academics at Princeton University used......get this, theories on the spread of disease combined with Google data on Facebook searches to predict the demise of the … (196 comments)

arizona realtor: Certified Military Relocation Professional…take a look Active Rainers - 01/21/14 07:21 PM
I remember receiving a letter last year from the Veterans Administration (VA) stating that I hadn't used my post 9-11 GI Bill that I had received after being re-activated in 2002 right after 9-11.  Basically, it was a nudge saying "Hey, dumbo, it's been 10 years since you've used your benefits and they're going to expire in 5 years...get movin."  Needless to say I went back to school to get my MBA.  
A lot of times, military members don't know of all the benefits that are available to them, or they simply forget to use them.  I just had a … (27 comments)

arizona realtor: A/R community beware…please read this..UPDATED with Debbie Reynolds - 01/15/14 05:33 AM
UPDATED: This is crosslinked with Debbie Reynolds blog, please read her blog here
I received the above email this morning from Debbie Reynolds (actually it was from a hacker), we all know Debbie and what a wonderful ambassador she is on A/R.  The email itself seemed odd and I received it on my phone.  At first I thought it was an email/link she forwarded to me from some individuals who have been trying to slander my name on the internet and who have been sending childish links and emails to other email addresses, they will be dealt with very shortly.  I decided to call … (7 comments)

arizona realtor: Litigation 101 - What to expect in a lawsuit? Part 1 - 01/03/14 12:35 AM
Most real estate agents, and most people for that matter, have never been involved in a lawsuit.  The first thing I'd say is a lawsuit is a marathon not a sprint.  I recently attended a GRI contract class and the instructor, who's been involved in real estate for over 30 years in every capacity, said, "I've been a broker who's been responsible for over a billion dollars worth of transactions, you're going to get sued and you will sue others with that amount of money and contracts being executed."  Expect that during your real estate career that you're going to either sue … (9 comments)

arizona realtor: A really big deal that I thought wasn't going to be a deal at all - 12/25/13 09:16 PM

I was recently involved in in a transaction that I thought was never going to happen.  My client, a high net worth individual could have purchased the house for cash, but opted to put a large amount of cash down and use his cash elsewhere.  After conducting extensive due diligence on his behalf and conferring with other agents and my broker, we determined the value of the house based on recent sales and comps.  The sellers were asking for $500,000......there's no way it's worth that Mr.Client.  Based on our research and numbers its only worth about $400,000.  
My client … (6 comments)

arizona realtor: California to be split into 6 states, how will that affect real estate - 12/22/13 09:13 AM

Could we see the end of California as we know it?  It may not be as far fetched an idea as you think.  Tim Draper a Venture Capitalist, is holding a press conference today and is proposing to the California Attorney General a proposal to split the state into 6 separate states.  WOW right!!!
Draper contends that it's "very difficult to govern the state," because of the demographics comprising the state i.e farmers in the central state, techies in silicon valley, Hollywood in and around L.A and the military industry in Southern California.  He further contends that it's very difficult for one group … (8 comments)

arizona realtor: The Art of Verbal Judo and how to use it in Real Estate Part 3 - 12/19/13 09:10 AM
This is the final blog in the 3 part series about verbal judo.  Stay tuned in the new year for the Webinar, you'll be taught about how to apply this to your real estate skills and it'll help you close alot more deals in 2014 and transform the way you conduct business.  Most importantly, it will teach you how to negotiate and speak with difficult people.
Natural language as we know it i.e. what we've been doing since our birth and taught our whole lives is disastrous.  We do it everyday.  While it may work around friends, family and our immediate … (15 comments)

arizona realtor: The art of Verbal Judo and how to use it effectively in Real Estate - 12/12/13 11:24 PM
This is going to be a 3 part blog and a webinar so stay tuned

Right after I got out of the Marines as a Scout/Sniper Instructor at Quantico, Virginia, I moved to Las Vegas to become a Police Officer, I literally started the academy before 9/11 and on 9/11 we just started our firearms training.  I remember being told that we were being deputized early because of the attacks.  
During my ensuing police training, we were taught the awesome art of "Verbal Judo", think of it as the "presence of words."  At first I thought it was … (5 comments)

arizona realtor: Happy Thanksgiving and some interesting turkey facts - 11/28/13 02:32 AM
Most of us know that Thanksgiving dates way back to the times of the pilgrims. In fact some interesting history can be read here about its origins.  One interesting note is that Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an actual holiday in 1863 amidst the civil war.  Some interesting facts about the bird that most households eat in observance of Thanksgiving.
Turkeys can fly They have distinguishing droppings They eat reptiles Turkey eggs wouldn't sell There's less dark meat It's not the Turkey that makes you sleepy (all meat has about the same trytophan), what really makes you sleepier after Thanksgiving dinner compared to … (2 comments)

arizona realtor: Have you locked in your .REALTOR© domain name? No? I would! - 11/19/13 04:45 AM

During the recent NAR conference in San Francisco, the National Association of Realtors© announced that it has secured the .realtor domain name in the Top Level Domain (TLD).  What does this mean for consumers and Real Estate agents? Firstly, buyers, sellers and investors will be able to find the most credible, trusted real estate information, resources and professional services.  Secondly, they can be assured that they are working with a Realtor©, an actual real estate professional, who subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics.
A really cool feature that NAR will do for the first 500,000 registrants for the .realtor domain … (2 comments)

arizona realtor: Docusign….all your Real Estate needs at your fingertips - 11/18/13 03:31 AM

I was recently exposed to Docusign for a large real estate transaction I was involved in with a High Net Worth (HNW) client of mine.  My client, who frequently travels around the world for his different businesses is a lot of times in different time zones and this makes it difficult to make deadlines when contractual documents need to be executed, he recently approached me to be the CEO of one of his companies and new venture he's begun but I digress.  Enter Docusign, if you haven't heard of Docusign or haven't used it, I'd highly recommend it, they offer a … (2 comments)

arizona realtor: Google password pill and neck tattoos - 11/18/13 02:11 AM
Lately I've been getting a lot of people in my office asking me about Google's newest plans for a password pill and the neck tattoo patent that was just recently applied for.  If you haven't heard of it or seen it, I'd recommend you take a look.  Some may argue that it's scary and intrusive, you think Google glasses were way out there?  This concept or idea, while in its infancy will probably become a reality very shortly? 

Those of you using LastPass, Yubikey (which you get a multi factor authentication key like a thumb drive) or Password Genie may find … (2 comments)

arizona realtor: Daylight Saving Time 2013: Gain an hour on Sunday - 11/02/13 06:36 PM

Despite it happening twice a year, and despite a catchy saying to help you remember (Spring forward! Fall back!), the question on every reader’s mind today is the same: are the clocks changing this weekend
The answer is yes.                                                   
Some people have even gone so far to call Daylight savings a complete sham.  Daylight savings was first thought up in the late 1700's and is attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  The practice actually originated to accommodate agricultural workers, … (0 comments)

arizona realtor: Phoenix, Arizona pumpkin patches, Corn Mazes, hayrides and halloween - 10/20/13 03:22 AM

Pumpkin patches, corn mazes and hayrides signify that fall is upon us and particularly Halloween.  In Phoenix many corn mazes and hayrides are still open into November, and the latest craze is Zombie paintball.  So what is the average price of pumpkins in October 2013?  National average is .50 cents per pound or about $5 for a basketball sized pumpkin.  Here are some fun
Pumpkin facts
Pumpkins are a fruit that originated in Central America The name "Pumpkin" comes from the Greek word "pepon" meaning a large melon. 90% of the pumpkin is made up of water The yellow-orange flowers that … (2 comments)

arizona realtor: Housing markets rebounding back to normal in 52 metro areas - 10/16/13 12:01 AM
  A report released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) suggests that housing in 52 of the 350 metro areas around the country have returned to or are exceeding their pre-recessionary levels. I personally am skeptical of this claim, I would contend they're rising from their lowest levels but are no where at or exceeding the prices we saw in 2005-2006.
The report uses a Leading Markets Index or LMI, and gave the entire nation a score of .85 which based on current permits, prices and employment data (and this is why I'm skeptical of the assertion that some levels … (0 comments)

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