military realtor phoenix: Internet giants eyeing cheerleaders defamation lawsuit - 05/01/14 09:01 AM
On Thursday an appeals court heard arguments over whether a gossip website known as The Dirty, and based right here in Scottsdale, AZ, should be immune from a defamation lawsuit brought on by former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, Sarah Jones.  Remember her, the one that had sex with one of her students, to whom she's now engaged, but who was married at the time?
She sued the owner of The Dirty, Nik Richie, in December 2012 over posts about her and her ex-husband's sexual history.  In July, a federal Judge ruled that Richie (owner of The Dirty) should not be granted immunity for posts … (4 comments)

military realtor phoenix: As a veteran do I have to take a fixed rate VA loan? - 02/24/14 11:05 PM
I received a call the other night while working late from a veteran friend of mine.  Alex, I've found the house I want, what loan should I get?  Kind of a loaded question right?  And I'm a Realtor®, friend and businessman, but I'm definitely not a lender.  OK John lets work this one out together.
I told him to sit down with a pad and paper and we were going to do a pro's and con's based on several criteria we determined were important to him.  At first he wanted an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which is fine, but when it was all … (2 comments)

military realtor phoenix: I purchased my home with my spouse using my VA benefits & now divorced - 02/18/14 12:34 AM
Sometimes, stuff happens in life right?  What's the old saying?  "Plan for the worst, hope for the best and settle for something in the middle?"  Two years ago you sold this couple their beautiful first starter home.  You just received a call from one of them that they're divorced and they want to buy a new house and use you as their Realtor® but they don't know what's the status of the their VA elibility?
So what happens to your VA eligibility if you purchased a home with your spouse using your VA benefits and you got divorced and he/she got the … (0 comments)

military realtor phoenix: Who is exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate deal? - 02/16/14 09:00 PM
When you're in escrow as an agent with a transaction that is utilizing a VA loan, generally, there is always a VA funding fee.  However, some good info for you to know as an agent is that some people are exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate transaction.
The funding fee is a percentage of the loan amount which varies on the type of loan (1st time use vs subsequent usage) and the veterans military category.  More on this below.  Here's the funding fee chart for your files and to use in being able to explain this to your … (0 comments)

military realtor phoenix: Does the VA have an inventory of foreclosed homes? Absolutely!!! - 02/15/14 12:26 AM
So as Realtors® we're always looking for a niche or a corner of the industry to differentiate us right! Some Realtors® have focused on short sales and foreclosures and have done very, very well and while inventory is slowly dwindling there is still a very profitable and lucrative market out there if you know where to look. Did you know VA foreclosed loans are right beneath your nose and can make you lots of $
The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has an inventory of homes just like banks do as result of foreclosures on VA guaranteed loans.  These properties are managed through a property management … (4 comments)

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