semper find my home: What your body language is saying during the deal, the 7 deadly sins - 05/12/14 08:51 AM
We are all fascinated by articulate speakers who have the ability to sell a popsicle to an Eskimo right?  Becoming a good speaker is something you should strive for in your professional career, or better yet a great speaker, and continually expand upon.  I've been fortunate over the years, from early on while in the Marines as a Force Reconnaissance Marine Scout/Sniper and when I was CEO of my company to have spoken all over the world.  I've been interviewed on FoxBusiness News and appeared in numerous articles and magazines over the years, one thing has always held true, I've continually grown as a … (86 comments)

semper find my home: Warren Buffet worried about housing, should we be too? - 05/05/14 05:12 AM
Ok, so we all know him as one of America's greatest investors, actually, I consider him one of the smartest investors, with some unbelievable foresight about what's around the corner in terms of economics, Warren Buffett just gave his 2 cents about housing.  He seems to be confused about the housing market or more importantly sheepish.  OK I'll say it, "I've been saying for a long time, this is a depression we're in, and there will be another major crash in the Real Estate industry."  Now don't get me wrong I'm a "glass half full guy," but, with quantitative easing (printing … (60 comments)

semper find my home: Internet giants eyeing cheerleaders defamation lawsuit - 05/01/14 09:01 AM
On Thursday an appeals court heard arguments over whether a gossip website known as The Dirty, and based right here in Scottsdale, AZ, should be immune from a defamation lawsuit brought on by former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, Sarah Jones.  Remember her, the one that had sex with one of her students, to whom she's now engaged, but who was married at the time?
She sued the owner of The Dirty, Nik Richie, in December 2012 over posts about her and her ex-husband's sexual history.  In July, a federal Judge ruled that Richie (owner of The Dirty) should not be granted immunity for posts … (4 comments)

semper find my home: Free internet is over folks……don't say I didn't warn you - 04/24/14 05:03 AM
Update.  So in reading your comments I think they're might be some confusion.  The internet is not free guys, we pay for it right, via Cox, Comcast or some other ISP (Internet Service Provider).  What's not going to be free anymore is certain content, the Internet providers have been litigating against the FCC to charge for content and that's what Net Neutrality means.  The content is going to be tiered and charged.  Please don't confuse that "some sort of free internet" is going away.  No such thing
The Internet is forever changed as of today.  Remember when I blogged about Net Neutrality … (99 comments)

semper find my home: Windows that are also Solar Panels, amazing new technology - 04/21/14 06:14 AM
A recent breakthrough in Quantam Dot research is paving the way for windows that will double as solar panels, thanks to research conducted at Los Alamos Research Laboratories.  Researches synthesized, check this out, Quantam Dots in transparent polymers to capture the suns' energy.  
What are Quantam Dots you ask?  Great question, they are actually a very simple concept of--nanocrystals made of semi-conductor materials--and they're used already in Solar Panel systems which I blogged about here.  The key here is what's know as Large Area Luminescent Solar Concentrators or LSC's.  Take a look at the diagram and you'll see the edge of the … (47 comments)

semper find my home: Activerain has teamed up with Trulia, OK great, now what? - 04/09/14 11:48 PM
I've been slowly watching, listening and reading the blogs about the merger between ActiveRain and Trulia.  I guess the ebb and flow of the business world is inevitable, and one can either choose to accept it or not.  I choose to accept it, it's a facet of life, particularly in the business life cycle of a company such as ActiveRain.  Trulia has seen the benefit of Activerain and decided boldly to act on it by moving to merge with it.  Now what will it do with it?
Some people dislike the move, most are positive and some are neither here nor there. … (9 comments)

semper find my home: Fed to keep interest rates low for now but they will raise them. - 03/20/14 09:06 AM
After meeting for two days the Federal Reserve announced that it is keeping interest rates at historically low levels for the foreseeable future and is dropping a link between the interest rate and specific levels of unemployment.  You can view the Fed Chairs comments here.
Fed Chair Janet Yellen said "Unless inflation were a significant concern, we would never dream of raising the federal funds rate target."  This is great news for our industry and here's why.  As a mandate of policy, as unemployment falls, it fell to 6.5%, the Fed was going to raise interest rates as falling unemployment is a … (2 comments)

semper find my home: Making your home green in celebration of St Patricks day - 03/14/14 11:08 AM
So you want to make your house more green, but don't know where to start and you want to get the most bang for your buck.  Let's face it, investing in "the green" is an expensive proposition to most.  That said, most of us are already participating in some sort of green initiative, such as long term light bulbs or recycling.
There are several things you can do though that will save you lots of money and make your house value increase when you decide to sell it.
I blogged about the benefits of solar panels here.  My previous home … (22 comments)

semper find my home: As a veteran do I have to take a fixed rate VA loan? - 02/24/14 11:05 PM
I received a call the other night while working late from a veteran friend of mine.  Alex, I've found the house I want, what loan should I get?  Kind of a loaded question right?  And I'm a Realtor®, friend and businessman, but I'm definitely not a lender.  OK John lets work this one out together.
I told him to sit down with a pad and paper and we were going to do a pro's and con's based on several criteria we determined were important to him.  At first he wanted an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, which is fine, but when it was all … (2 comments)

semper find my home: How do I reuse my VA loan benefit in full in the event of a default? - 02/23/14 06:36 PM
The last several years have been difficult on all Americans economically, particularly veterans.  To have VA entitlement is to have is to have financial backing from the government, which pledges to repay that mortgage in the case of default.
Remember that getting released for liability from a VA loan or having a debt waived by the VA is not the same as paying off the loan.  In that case you'll have to pay back the government's loss.  Once that is done and only then will your benefits be restored.
As a veteran you are able to apply for a new home … (2 comments)

semper find my home: I'm a veteran, how can I improve my chances to get a VA home loan? - 02/22/14 06:02 AM
I'm often asked by friends of mine who are veterans to help them out during the process of purchasing their home. I actually just helped a Special Forces buddy of mine yesterday qualify for a VA Jumbo loan to the tune of $700K, he's now working with Cindy Jones who I referred him to because of ActiveRain.  Keepin it in the family
Remember my fellow veterans, your VA home loan depends a lot on your Debt To Income ratio, more commonly known as DTI, and just like regular loans they determine whether or not you qualify and for how much. Take a … (4 comments)

semper find my home: I purchased my home with my spouse using my VA benefits & now divorced - 02/18/14 12:34 AM
Sometimes, stuff happens in life right?  What's the old saying?  "Plan for the worst, hope for the best and settle for something in the middle?"  Two years ago you sold this couple their beautiful first starter home.  You just received a call from one of them that they're divorced and they want to buy a new house and use you as their Realtor® but they don't know what's the status of the their VA elibility?
So what happens to your VA eligibility if you purchased a home with your spouse using your VA benefits and you got divorced and he/she got the … (0 comments)

semper find my home: Who is exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate deal? - 02/16/14 09:00 PM
When you're in escrow as an agent with a transaction that is utilizing a VA loan, generally, there is always a VA funding fee.  However, some good info for you to know as an agent is that some people are exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate transaction.
The funding fee is a percentage of the loan amount which varies on the type of loan (1st time use vs subsequent usage) and the veterans military category.  More on this below.  Here's the funding fee chart for your files and to use in being able to explain this to your … (0 comments)

semper find my home: What is the maximum amount a vet can borrow with a VA home loan? - 02/14/14 03:22 AM
So in an effort to help the ActiveRain community, I'm kinda taking it upon myself to blog about anything VA and veteran related when it comes to buying and selling homes.  I feel that we don't do enough, and never can, for 1% of the population who serve the rest of us 99%.
The maximum guaranteed by the VA is 25% of the loan amount up to $104,250, which translates into maximum amount of $417,000.  However, the maximum guaranteed in Hawaii and Alaska is 25% of … (0 comments)

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