blog: My most recent London, Ontario CMA results - 09/26/11 03:01 AM
I received an email from the office last week stating that someone had visited our Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty website, and was interested in a CMA on their London, Ontario home. I responded to the email, made a follow up call and set the appointment. Then I began my 'homework.'

In the area over the past two years, only one home had sold on the same street. The entire neighbourhood is the same...ranch style homes with or without a garage, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a rather easy search for a CMA. I even did a drive through and noticed that … (4 comments)

blog: Do's and Don'ts for First Time Home Buyers in London, Ontario - 08/30/11 03:22 AM
Dear First Time Home Buyers,
Now that you've decided to purchase your first home in London, Ontario, and you've hired a professional Realtor to be your Buyer Representative, there are a few things you need to do, and not do. 

1 - DO NOT go out and make a significant purchase such as a car, and DO NOT buy anything on extended credit that you can pay in a year or two. This will affect your borrowing limit and credit for a mortgage. Please wait until after we get you moved in to your dream home. 

2 - DO NOT … (2 comments)

blog: The Trails End Farmers Market in London, Ontario - 08/16/11 02:12 AM
If you love the seasonal fruits and vegetables, you have to visit The Trails End Farmers Market in London, Ontario. I've been going there for years, and every year, I look forward to this time of year. Juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, sweet sweet corn, delicious apples, fresh soft squishy breads and buns ( 3 bags for $5 ), steaks as this as your hand, pepperettes, thick sliced lunch meats, kabobs and ribs...oh, the ribs. But, it's the deals that keep me going! Where else can you get an entire flat of tomatoes for $5!! Or a pail full of peppers for $10! … (0 comments)

blog: Buying your first home in London, Ontario - 08/10/11 06:38 AM
So, you're thinking of buying your first home in London, Ontario. You have a job, a few bucks in the bank for closing costs and a down payment, and you're ready for the wonderful world of home ownership. What do you do? Allow me to give you a little guidance. 
Buying a home in London, Ontario can be a very stressful time in your life, but it doesn't have to be. By following a few simple rules, the entire process can flow smoothly from start to finish. 
1 - The first thing to do is to contact a Realtor that you … (0 comments)

blog: A little Wednesday Wisdom - 08/10/11 03:31 AM
I've been collecting inspirational/motivational quotes since I was 15, which is a pretty long time. One thing I've learned is that inspiration can come from outside, but motivation has to come from within. I was just looking through some of the journals that I've been writing in, and there must be thousands of them. So today I thought I'd write about what keeps me going, and if it helps someone out of a place where I have once been, that's great. 

One of my favorite quotes came from a kid in the 6th grade. He said 'If anyone is in … (2 comments)

blog: The Open House Guest Registry...Does EVERYONE sign it? - 08/07/11 02:00 AM
What's the point of doing an Open House? To attract potential buyers for a particular home, and to pick up a few great new leads for ourselves. Okay, so what's the point in doing an Open House if you aren't going to ask everyone who enters to sign the Guest Registry? 

During an Open House, you open the doors to allow strangers into a house not knowing whether they can afford it, are looking to buy, and without knowing anything about them. Yet, you are there to try to sell the home. Right? Or do you just enjoy house sitting … (6 comments)

blog: We are in the people business - 06/17/11 06:20 AM
We may sell real estate, and it may be our product, but I believe that people is our business. We do not sell a home for, or to, everyone we come across and meet with. This business is about building lasting relationships, and to do that, you have to be honest. You have to do what's in the best interest of your client, not yourself. Am I right?

I enjoy seeing the look on someone's face when a deal comes together, be it the buyer or the seller. It feels great to know that I have helped them with … (3 comments)

blog: 5 Reasons a house will sell - 06/15/11 03:57 AM
A sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper ( or somewhere online ) and sitting by the phone waiting for buyers to call. Is this what it takes to sell a home? How about holding an Open House, because the seller knows that everybody wants to buy their home, and they will come in droves? Oh, what about putting one of those new fangled QR codes right on your sign so people can get all the info they need right from their Smartphones? No, it has to be because of the Brokerage you work for since they do say … (4 comments)

blog: 5 tips when communicating with other Realtors - 06/13/11 04:27 AM
Although we may all be in the same business, and at times even competing for the same business, we can still be polite and professional. I like to say ' I m going to kick the crap out of you, but, I'm going to need your help.' We simply can not do all the business ourselves, and we need other Realtors to help us as much as we need them to help us. 
When I take a listing, it goes on the MLS, and every other Realtor is 'invited' to bring me their buyer clients. When I have a buyer client … (39 comments)

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