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Interested in Composting but don't know how..? Come on down to the Turkey Hill Farms When:This Sunday (March 30th), from 1-5pm. There will be demonstrations on worm bins and composting, and more than enough knowledge and information to help you get started on the right foot. Email turkeyhill@eart...
   Roughly a year old, the Capital City Chapter of the US Green Building Council is off to a great start! One of the nations newest chapters, Capital City USGBC is already holding numerous events, recruiting heavily, and providing a valuable resource to both the building/real estate community and...
  Got kids? Need something to do this weekend? Come on down to Tallahassee's 40th annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival!!!  Voted one of the top 20 events in Florida, Springtime Tallahassee draws great crowds, and is one of the largest festivals in the Southeast, with a parade of over 70,000 par...
 Climate Action Summit         FRIDAY, MARCH 28 In a collaborative effort cosponsored by the City of Tallahassee, the Tallahassee Democrat, the Environmental Defense, & Leon County, local and regional professionals and individuals working towards a sustainable future will convene in the Tallahass...
  Wow! ...pretty much all I can say.  Thanks to Sylvia Barry's recent post on "unique" buildings, this novel take on "green" design has recently come to my attention. As a green home certifying agent, I have worked on both residential and commercial projects of widely varying design and style, ye...
Want to use alternative fuel? a car that could, but don't know where to get it? Maybe you are like me, and just have an interest in the topic and would be happy to know it is available if you ever go that route. Thanks to a conversation i had the other day in my office at Keller Williams, ...
Peace of mind for your home buying experience - The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report Most people these days have at least heard of Carfax. In fact, many of us would never consider buying a used car without first obtaining a Carfax report that shows a clean record, no accidents, and nothing e...
Green Living expos and events are popping up all over the place. Recently, published a short list of some of these events spotlighting some of the biggest and best nationwide... Our very own local event: Crawfordville's Big Bend Green Living & Energy Expo made the list, and is expec...
 If you have ever wondered, is it worth it to get a specialized certification in green aspects of the real estate world... the answer is a resounding, YES!Green is not simply the way of the future... It is here NOW! For those of us with specialized knowledge, training, and experience in the gree...
Finding good, affordable childcare for your children is often a HUGE challenge... Here in Tallahassee, most of us parents are well aware that our options are fairly limited. The majority of places that you would want to send your child to, are either really expensive, have unbelievably long waiti...

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