new urbanism: What does it take to build a Sustainable City? - 04/14/09 02:00 PM
What are your ideas on how a Sustainable City should look?
How does your own city rank on the Sustainability scale?
What are the simplest, or most pressing changes that can/should be made in your area to move toward a better, more economically, socially, environmentally, and aesthetically viable city?

If sustainability and smarth growth are ideas that get you so excited they keep you up at night, or even if you simply envision improving your own neighborhood, the following video link will be something you do not want to miss (please excuse the limited commercial break - about … (0 comments)

new urbanism: Tallahassee's most desirable neighborhoods - 07/06/08 07:31 AM
Interestingly, in Tallahassee, were you to poll homelookers in the last few years on where they would most want to live, you would probably hear a long list of high-end neighborhoods on the far, far outskirts of town.
Not any more. As gas prices continue to increase, even the more affluent of us are getting hurt at the pump and starting to question our long commutes and arduous trips to the grocery stores. We are slowly, but surely, starting to see a revitalization and renewed interest in our more centrally-located nieghborhoods. Urban infill is becoming a part of our vocabulary. … (2 comments)


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