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As a new agent, I am trying to find ways to "get my name out there" (where ever "out there" is).  I have heard and read stories about doing Open Houses. How it may sometimes be considered the grunt work of being a Realtor.  How it is a great way for people to meet you, pass out some business card...
First off, I'd like to start by letting everyone know that this is my first blog ever and forgive me if the topic has been covered. I am new to the industry and I believe one of the biggest hurdles is getting quality leads.  As many Realtors are, I am really an independent contractor.  My Brokera...
I have yet to place a listing on my Point2Agent site for a couple of reasons.  The first being the most obvious, I don't have any listings right now.  The second, which brings me to my point, is there a conflict in putting your listing on your P2A site(which recently launched the NLS) and your lo...
I have had a P2A site for about 2 months.  I am now seeing a few of these scam emails where the person pretends to be a welathy investor from a foreign country who "needs your help" investing several million dollars and in return, you get X percent back.  Is there a way to stop or report these to...
While working on obtaining a lisiting, a situation came up in my mind.  I am a new Realtor and this will be my first listing. The client has another property and has completely moved out of the one he will be selling.  The house is immaculate (a new build, he only lived in it for a few months), s...

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