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 I am wondering what kind of person God accepts in His kingdom...... do you know?Is it the loud and rude person who "Puts people in their place"? Or is it the person who lets the powerful person trash him and then runs to the Father and says..."Did you see what that person did to me?"You have may...
How many times have you looked at your circumstances and said to yourself, "There has to be a better way than this..." Your lead generation is not generating.....Your prospective leads have decided to NOT buy a home for the next year or so....Everyone says the interest rates are too high......The...
 ** This is a repeat of the original post to make sure the word gets out on the blog Leaderboard of the new group I have created.**  Hello out there in AR Land....... I have decided to create a new group called "Christianity and Real Estate" for those of us in AR who are serious about God and our...
 Hello out there in AR Land....... **This is an excerpt of a previous post** Go to: Christianity and Real Estate to see the original Blog. This group will be for those who believe that their Christianity affects their career, not the other way around. It will be a place to get prayed te...
 Hello out there in AR Land....... I have decided to create a new group called "Christianity and Real Estate" for those of us in AR who are serious about God and our Savior Jesus Christ. It is with much prayer and pondering that I have formed this new group. This group will be for those who belie...
Today I met Netta Blackwood in person and I didn't even know she was in the same Keller Williams office I work at! She is a true professional, working with a new agent to help get some real estate website marketing work done. As she was guiding the agent, more and more questions came up which she...
Here is what is happening in the central Florida area:  The areas congressional delegation is pledging to pay for more police, jump start the commuter light rail program, and find $337 million for a new veterans hospital. With the Democrats in control of Congress, these projects might not ever co...
I just saw I have passed the 50K points total...and this was just from bloggin and comenting...I have sent many many e-mails to others to join this wonderful network to no avail....I have held the #38-39 spot in the network for a quite a while out of over 11,000 people I think that is not a bad p...
How much can a mortgage loan officer LIE?????No forthcoming truth in lending statement...... and NOW the drum roll please for the ending of this saga......==========================================================I have been lied to about how much the client I have is qualified for by the PIRATE ...

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