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  This is a picture of some orphans in India with their caretaker sitting in the center.  She is the daughter of a man who planted (founded) 7 churches in this city some 20 years ago. She takes care of these kids with her husband. ALL these kids have been abandoned by their parents --- some becau...
 Today I made another call to a client I met SEVERAL months ago at a Payless Shoe Store in Orlando Florida. I have been keeping in touch with him via e-mail and cell I have visited him at his place of business to catch up with him briefly. It seems a loan officer he met gave him a GR...
Ok..... now that the group "Christianity and Real Estate" is in total compliance related to Fair Housing Laws... I want to post the description of the group so everyone in the Active Rain membership knows what it is all about (and this is quoted from the groups site):  "We are network of real est...
This is a typical home. The abode of a typical family.  Daddy works, mom most likely works too.They have 2- 4 kids.Maybe a dog or cat.Possibly a turtle or rabbit.  ;-DThey own 2 cars and several bicycles.They MIGHT own a motorcycle or two also.If they have any other toys they are in the garage; p...
"Flipping", a term used by investors has soured as home sales in central Florida have gone flat these past several months. Flipping fueled the real estate boom in the soaring home prices of 2004-2005, BUT the total amount of homes "Flipped" was less than 6% of all real estate transactions. Flippe...
  The Orlando Magic and Government Leaders are much closer to an agreement by the Magic purchasing  up to a 6 million dollar insurance policy that could guarantee all arena loans do NOT have prohibitvely high interest rates. The Magic have offered $50 million in upfront cash and an additional $12...
                                                                                                                  Have you ever felt like this pilot that just got out of an almost certain death by the skin of his chinny-chin-chin?           He looks so alone......... doesn't he?           So many...
 We have done it at "Christianity and Real estate"!! What have we done?Have we advanced professionalism and a moral/ethical viewpoint in the field of real estate?Have we brought encouragement and inspiration to the countless hundreds who have read our blogs?Have we shown WHO is the SOURCE of our ...
Ever wonder why your blog is not getting too many hits or not enough comments? You have reseached the facts for quite a while and what you have found is NOT heresay.You even have some nice pictures to support your facts.Your grammer, punctuation and spelling are's in English even!!...
I have heard it said by some of the membership here that,"Active Rain is NOT a real is NOT life in reality....."   I am wondering some things in reference to that statement or way of thinking:    If Active Rain is NOT a real place then what are you typing on? An "Imaginary Keyboard"? ...

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