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 Here we go -- the First TOP POSTS OF THE MONTH -- June 2007 Featured, Top Rated, This month:
   (Click on this picture to get a great movie about the life and WAY of life of Vince Lombardi)  Do you have the will to win?Does doing everything (legally, morally and ethically) you can to get a listing or secure a client sound like a good concept to you? How many times have you lost a listin...
 Another media company has published findings from economists about central Florida real estate...... As the cost of gas and the rising foreclosure numbers affect the states economy, a LOT of people looking at what is going on say we will NOT go into recession. "The rate of growth is deceleratin...
  State wide home sales are back to normal levels, says the Florida Association of Realtors®.12,607 homes were sold in May and were more in line with activity in May 2002 - prior to the housing boom years The median home price is at 237,000 while in May of 2002 the price was at 137,000 for a 72....
What are you doing in the walk of life? (Click on the "Foot Prints in the Sand" picture for an inspirational movie!)     Do you feel like this picture some times...walking alone?You are never really alone -- there is always someone there to give some good advice, moral support or a helping hand.S...
  Orlando Florida hosts the Annual Homebuyer Expo on Saturday, June 16th 2007   Over 150 exhibitors and 15,000 people are expected to walk through the doors of the Orange County Convention Center from 10am till 5pm this Saturday to see how easy and beneficial it can be to purchase and own centra...
                Click on the picture above to get a nice movie about                       life and how to cope with its ups and downs!   Some things are more important than others:   The love of a child, your spouse or good friends.Uplifting, inspiring associations in the workplace.A double rai...
This is a happy occasion of acquiring 100,000 points for this Active Rain member......WOOHOO!! I wanted to do a post about other members posts, but I will be doing that every month with the "Top Blogs of the Month". So, I have chosen the top 10 posts I have made according to readership, clicks an...
 There are times when you do everything right..... You call the expireds or send postcards to them all the time.You keep in touch with people who say they want to buy a home.You talk to people who say they want to sell their home.Loan officers say they will send you clients ready, willing, able ...

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