business priorities: Honesty and loyalty in relationships....... - 10/16/06 01:12 PM
Relationships with loyalty and honesty do such good things.......
Today a buyer of mine got done paying his new car off and is ready to start the home buying process.
He obviously was so excited he started to talk about it to other people he works with.
I met him several months ago when I was with my wife window shopping for shoes......(she has over 40 pairs of them!!  hehehehehe :-D )
I have been patiently talking to him and letting him know his options over the past months.
As I built this relationship I did not know it would do other things for me … (1 comments)

business priorities: Buyers are out there...waiting...... - 10/15/06 11:27 AM
The Florida Building Commission voted to upgrade building standards for new homes constructed in the state. Homes will have to with stand a "breeze" of 130 MPH on the west coast. That change alone will toughen standards for over 85% of the homes built in the Florida panhandle.
The median home price has stayed flat at $248,000 for the past year.
According to my search on the central Florida MLS there are over 20,000 residential homes for sale in the central Florida area.
The number of homes sold in August 2006 was down 33.7% compared to the same month last year. Of course last … (2 comments)

business priorities: Persistence...and the fruits of it..... - 10/13/06 01:42 AM
 I have to take a day off work today and I am NOT happy.
 My rental was supposed to expire on Friday (today) and my other car was TOTALLED in the accident I told you all about a couple of weeks ago.
I am getting about $1100.00 for my car which is great because I only bought it for $500 and put about another $250 into it.
So I am in the black for this transaction. BUT I have to take the day off because the car was supposed to be picked up before thisand I have to be here to make sure it … (8 comments)

business priorities: Patience is a virtue..... - 10/07/06 03:05 PM
 She looks kinda hidden hmm?
And maybe a little hungry......
She is waiting for the right moment;
just like the buyers out there.
In central Florida real estate, the
buyers are waiting.
The interest rates are down .5%
Median prices have stayed flat for
the past 6 months to a full year.
I am sure buyers are taking this
opportunity to improve their credit
ratings so they will get an even
BETTER loan rate.
Sellers are sweating this time out....
They are just waiting for sellers to start making good offers.....
WE are waiting also......with contracts in hand.......
Once again, central Florida real estate  will begin to hum with a LOT of … (3 comments)

business priorities: Central Florida real estate going through a correction.... - 10/06/06 09:19 AM
 Wonder why this kitty is not happy? Maybe it's because the object of her desire is sitting where it should not be AND she is sitting where she doesn't want to be either.
Sounds much like the current real estate situation these days?
Central Florida real estate is going through a CORRECTION....NOT a BURST BUBBLE...the air is being let out SLOWLY on home values.
The current Orlando Sentinel estimation is that this region will only have 10% or less price depreciation. No more than that.....NOT a BIG drop at all.
With interest rates being held steady by the FED and mortgage rates going DOWN, it … (3 comments)

business priorities: AR and what it has done for your business......GOOD? - 10/02/06 01:36 PM
 I am wondering how many of us out there have gotten prospects from our AR links......
I write about central Florida real estate , business priorities, success and other thngs....
My Blog cloud is very small...I keep things simple for people to see. I have seen blog clouds that are HUGE...and there is just ONE blog to almost every cloud they have.
Is there a relevance to the cloud? Is the cloud a link and is it googleable?
How many prospects have YOU gotten directly because of Active Rain .....
I know one of my websites has risen in ranking in google because of Acitve Rain....
It … (6 comments)

business priorities: Results with playing phone tag with buyers..... - 09/30/06 07:42 AM
 Well, here are the results of my phone tag session yesterday at the real estate office driving the rental car Enterprise Rental is letting me drive and Allstate Insurace is paying for as a result of my accident  I had.
 Running from one room to another to make the calls was nice excersise for me.... see my other blog for info as to why I needed to do this.
I was also able to make a copy of a Millionaire Real Estate workbook that was about 200 pages in length. It will go nicely with my book I read at home. 
I had 40 … (2 comments)

business priorities: Doing phone calls at the office .......havin fun..... - 09/29/06 09:42 AM
 What a time I am havin at the real estate office....I get to make phone calls and catch up on buyers and sellers.... there is just ONE small problem....
hehehehehe :-D
The computer I am at is in a different room from where the phones are that are working. (The office has undergone an expansion and the computer room was moved, but the phones are not in the room yet.)
Every time I have to update a file I jot down the phone number and then walk to the room where the phones are to make the call.
Is this dedication or what?
Would … (2 comments)

business priorities: The accident saga continues.....I am blessed!! - 09/29/06 03:11 AM
 This is the type of car I am supposed to get from Enterpise Rental...not too shabby, hmm? They (Allstate Insurance) are paying for it AND they are paying for the comprehensive insurance for the rental to the tune of an extra $12.99 per day also.
They are comming to pick me up at my house, which is an awesome thing too.......
I am so glad God is with me through this ordeal.
 Normally I would have yelled at the driver who caused this and fussed and fumed about this whole thing... but since I met Him when I was 18, things have changed in my heart.
My wife … (3 comments)

business priorities: Real Estate "Attitude" - 09/25/06 10:19 AM
 Ever feel like this fella here?
 Did you see his name?
 Do ya think he might just bite
 you if you get too close?
 Think of this as a picture of a
 new real estate agent; he/she
 is bright and has passed the real
 estate class and the state test
 to show competency in real estate  law and practices.
BUT, do you see inside: this agent is more like this
if they are going to get along in this business:
A new, "uneducated as to the common sense of this business"
little cute kitty on the outside, but full
of Vimm and Vigor on the inside!!
Ever wish you … (3 comments)

business priorities: Continuing to do the right thing...... - 09/24/06 02:39 PM
Ever wondered how architects do it?
How do they draw such wonderful buildings and then after about 6-8 months (depending on the size and amount of options it has) a new home is either available for sale or has already been bought before hand.
Well, it takes schooling (we get it...), it takes applying what they have learned to the drawing (we do that too...real estate ethics and an honor code).
And after a while the architect has to go BACK to school because things change and things are learned in the field (we do that two ~~ every 2 years for Florida real estate … (2 comments)

business priorities: A new (???) and wonderful thing...... - 09/24/06 01:52 PM
I am making progress in my relationship with my wife.
I am seeing the light...... I was so "DIM" before this....
Being single for quite a while I was used to just my
way of doing things.....
  As I work in attics and look to the future.... I see some
great things taking place in my life....
and I am greatful.......  
I have a wife that is sticking by me as I learn (or is she training me) to live with someone else who is NOT a room mate.  
How greatful I am that a good wife is so much better than, … (4 comments)

business priorities: Helping a Pastor find a nice building to rent..... - 09/24/06 12:04 PM
 My wife has freinds and the husband is a Pastor of a church in Alabama. They are starting a new church in the Orlando area and I will be helping them with first renting a building and after the church gets to a respectable size, helping them find land and/or a building to buy.
If any of you in the central Florida area knows ofa sizable building for up to $2500/ month rent that has good parking and is near the Casselberry, Maitland, Altamonte Springs area please do not hesitate to give me an e-mail.
I am looking forward to helping this Man of God … (0 comments)

business priorities: Writely and my blogging...... - 09/23/06 05:29 AM
It has never ceased to amaze me what technology can do......
How many times I have tried to just get by
with posting without pictures and then to
see this pop up...I am amazed!!
It is like a new breath of fresh air in my life.
So invigorating and vital.....
I was at the point of just settling for 2nd
place in my county and city...and right
around 10th place in Florida. I had been at the point of just settling till I saw a blog for writely .
I know I might not get to number one in
Florida (the point totals are astronomical
the higher … (3 comments)

business priorities: Real estate programs...writely - 09/23/06 05:06 AM

business priorities: Keeping your relationships current..... - 09/21/06 01:30 PM
The best way to keep those leads thinking of you as the "GO TO" person for real estate is to stay in contact one way or the other.....regularly:
Postcards on birthdays, anniversaries, etc...e-mails about current real estate trends in the local areaNewsletters monthly or quarterlyPhone calls to catch up and see how they are doingIf they are buyers, MLS e-mails from your MLS showing listings meeting their buying criteriaDrop by if the relationship has progressed to that point --- call first.....If anyone can add to this list please do......everyone learns when we all participate...

business priorities: Ever wonder if God cares? - 09/18/06 01:02 PM
I sit here and I am thinking...why do I wait till I see the stars come out...and then I go and pray......??
Well...I have done some research and found out that is what Jews do...they wait till they see the first stars and then they go and pray to God........
Most of the animals in the forests and fields are asleep by then...the predators come out......
I just feel closer to God because I made the time special between me and Him...... I don't "just pray" before I go to sleep...I make something out of it...a special time between me and Him......
That is how I … (1 comments)

business priorities: Another memory from the past and what it does for me today..... - 09/18/06 09:50 AM
When I was a boy we lived in Syracuse N.Y. (GO ORANGEMEN!!!!) and we had some of the harshest winters known to mankind in those days. Back in the 70s Syracuse was the snowiest (snowyest???) medium sized city in the northeast for that decade........
My dad was in his late 40s back then and wanted to teach us boys some lessons on persistance....... so we shovelled the driveway every time it snowed...which during the winter was almost every day or every other day back then..... now when you first shovel snow you HOPE it is not laden with too much moisture, because the … (2 comments)

business priorities: Christmas and opening the presents........EARLY........ - 09/17/06 11:53 AM
Another of my fond memories and BIG learning lessons was Christmas and my parents hiding the presents......and not under the tree either...hehehehehe :-D
It seems we had a nack for opening up the presents mom and dad bought for us on Christmas...... a snipped couple pieces of tape on a wrapped present re-taped to look like new again and we knew what we were getting and couldn't wait to play with our new stuff.... till the BIG present was bought......for all three of us......
It seems back in the late 60s..... YES I am THAT old...hehehehe .......the newest toy to be HOT was … (4 comments)

business priorities: The relationship that went to a bad place, really quick...... - 09/17/06 10:50 AM
Here is a situation you may find yourself in someday...and I hope what happens here does not happen to you...
You meet a person who wants to buy a home...... you get them pre qualified at a certain price, BUT you need a little bigger paycheck.........and because of the prevailing commissions out there you know your buyer will have to buy a better home (not a LOT better... but just enough, right?)
So you take the buyer out, deftly putting in a home that is just in YOUR ball park, but just on the edge of what they can afford.........(They have told you they … (2 comments)