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  I was on the phone with my client "breaking the bad news" because the 3rd offer we had submitted on a foreclosure had been turned down.  Not only did it get turned down, the agent told me "the asset manager" had told him, CASH ONLY from that point on!  Another agent in our office came to me an...
I am NOT a public speaker so I really was a little surprised that I was not "stressing" like I normally do when it comes to events like this. So, I decided to begin with that fact itself, "Good evening, my name is Alicia Gibson and I am not a public speaker".  Get that fact out from the get go be...
TIME IS RUNNING OUT.....for the 2009 Tax Credit Deadline which ends November 30, 2009.  This credit is available to first time homebuyers and/or people that have not owned a home in the last 3 years.  *The federal credit is 10% of the purchase price up to $8,000.00 and the state credit is up to $...
As I prepared to do this post, I felt a sadness because it brings a memory to my mind that was painful.  Painful to me as a person but much worse, Painful as a Nation.  A Nation founded on the words, "In God We Trust".  Words, we take so lightly.   Since 9/11, our country has reached an all time ...
Welcome to a "new world" of blogging.  Well, at least, new to me!  Here at AR, they call it my Outside Blog.  I do blog on AR so I decided I would go "out of my safe zone" and try this.  Testing the waters...I guess you could say. I have been a REALTOR for 10+ years and prior to that I worked in ...


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