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I was doing an inspection on a townhouse today. While walking around the side of the row, I had to duck under cable wires. Thats when I couldnt help but notice that the cable originated from the subject property and was being carried over several yards and a courtyard. It appears as though the ca...
This is a great project happening right here in our community. Let's all show our support of this project and this group (One by 1, Inc) - doing positive things right here in Washington, DC and improving the quality of life for everybody. About this project   The Kool Kids ...
Some of DC Metro's finest real estate. I love that the greenhouse is perfectly intact behind the property and even had plants in it. From what I could see, there was no environmental disaster that caused the fall of this roof - no trees, no storm... perhaps it was the Big Bad Wolf?
The Cafritz team is working to bring the county's first Whole Foods to Riverdale Park. There is a hearing on Monday, April 30th in front of the County Council. I will be speaking at the hearing and strongly enourage as many people that can to register to speak as well. You can call the clerk in a...
  My fellow appraisers, I would love to share with you the following addendum that I added to a report this morning. I know you can appreciate the humor and frustration in this.           Addendum to Appraisal Dated 4/13/2012   Regarding the underwriters request to add two comparables which brack...
I saw this article on fellow appraiser, Hank Miller's blog and just had to re-post it. Can you believe this guy was missing for four years and nobody ever noticed? This is so unbelievable.You never know what you might find in foreclosures. I’ve found dead animals, “hoarder” style homes, those fil...
Hello everybody. I am looking for very diligent loan officers with excellent customer service who can help with first time homebuyers. Any recommendations/ suggestions?
  FHA Buyers – A Call to Agents   We all know that FHA loans are back in the game – they are reasonable and competitive and appeal to a much broader audience now, with changes in loan limits, terms, etc. And obviously, more FHA loans mean more FHA appraisals – Great!    So now I make my plea to a...
  “Over the past several years, appraisals have impeded our market's ability to recover naturally.”   I read this in a blog today… this is just one sentence – it goes on and even worse, credits an appraiser who openly tries to meet contract prices and discusses/reassures listing agents/buyers of ...
I arrive at my 9am appraisal appointment 15-minutes early. I take a full set of exterior and neighborhood photos. I measure the perimeter of the house and get it ready for the floor plan. I knock on the door promptly at 9am... no answer. I knock again... and again... and again... No answer. Let m...

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