dc: More adventures of an appraiser... - 05/23/12 01:39 PM
I was doing an inspection on a townhouse today. While walking around the side of the row, I had to duck under cable wires. Thats when I couldnt help but notice that the cable originated from the subject property and was being carried over several yards and a courtyard. It appears as though the cable was being utilized by squatters. You have got to love the ingenuity! So, here you have it... more classic adventures in appraising!


dc: Improve the Quality of life for everybody in the DC Metro area - 05/21/12 10:23 PM
This is a great project happening right here in our community. Let's all show our support of this project and this group (One by 1, Inc) - doing positive things right here in Washington, DC and improving the quality of life for everybody.
About this project
  The Kool Kids Video Project encourages young people to transform themselves and their communities, by becoming the next generation of media makers and confident leaders. The project aims to guide youth in redefining what being "kool" means today. The projects core assumptions are that kool kids can engage in activities that are … (1 comments)

dc: Appraisers will appreciate this: Bracketing square footage - 04/13/12 01:20 AM
My fellow appraisers, I would love to share with you the following addendum that I added to a report this morning. I know you can appreciate the humor and frustration in this.
Addendum to Appraisal Dated 4/13/2012
Regarding the underwriters request to add two comparables which bracket the subject's square footage.
The subject contains 950 SF. The appraisal provides seven (7) comparables that have the exact square footage as the subject (950 SF). As shown in the aerial photo above, the subject's market consists of many 950SF ranch style homes. Using homes outside … (44 comments)




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