pg county: More adventures of an appraiser... - 05/23/12 01:39 PM
I was doing an inspection on a townhouse today. While walking around the side of the row, I had to duck under cable wires. Thats when I couldnt help but notice that the cable originated from the subject property and was being carried over several yards and a courtyard. It appears as though the cable was being utilized by squatters. You have got to love the ingenuity! So, here you have it... more classic adventures in appraising!


pg county: FHA Buyers - FHA Appraisals - A Call to Agents in the DC Metro Area - 01/27/12 01:14 AM
FHA Buyers – A Call to Agents
We all know that FHA loans are back in the game – they are reasonable and competitive and appeal to a much broader audience now, with changes in loan limits, terms, etc. And obviously, more FHA loans mean more FHA appraisals – Great!
 So now I make my plea to agents, if you know you have an FHA buyer, preview your houses, learn what FHA is looking for, take a course in basic residential construction – educate yourselves! If your buyer has limited available cash and your seller is unwilling to … (0 comments)




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