virginia: Real Estate Jargon: Part 1 - 02/20/17 01:17 PM
     As you are at any stage of the process of buying a home, you will hear a lot of jargon that you may not understand.  So today I will help explain some of the lingo.  These are just some of the many things you may hear when buying a home.
o   Appraisal – This is to determine the value of something. In this case, the home or land.
o   Appreciation and Depreciation – Long story short, appreciation is good, and depreciation is bad.  Appreciation means the home will increase in value while depreciation mean it will most likely decrease in value.
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virginia: Trump Real Estate - 01/31/17 08:45 AM
     On Monday, January 30th, 2017, President Donald J. Trump signed a new executive order regarding business.  The question is how does this affect the real estate business?  This order will cut existing federal regulations to assist businesses.
     The order will have federal agencies remove two existing regulations every time they request one new regulation to be created.  The President believes that this will help small business.  NBC News Website’s Andrew Rafferty states, “The businessman-turned-politician campaigned heavily against overbearing government rules that he said stifle entrepreneurship.”  Also, in another article in Reuters, President Trump is quoted:
     Now, … (2 comments)

virginia: Do’s and Don’ts of Home Hunting - 01/26/17 06:20 AM
The art of house hunting is not down to a science. There is no formula or equation in house hunting. It has to do with your gut and research. Today I am going to give you some Do’s and Don’ts of Home Hunting because we want it to be not just a house but a home.
Don’t go alone
Get a Real Estate Agent.  An agent knows the area and knows where to look.
Do research the neighborhoods
Make sure the community is right for you. (I will go over what things you should ask and look for in another blog.)
Don’t look at just … (1 comments)

virginia: First-Time Homeowners - 01/18/17 01:22 PM
      After living in an apartment for ten months, the end of the lease is just around the corner. The
question looms whether to renew it or search for a place that one can call home? Maybe it is time to find a home. Reasons for moving into a home can range from a growing family, or the dog just needs a yard. Whatever the reason maybe, the idea of buying a home can be scary, especially for first-time home buyers. When in the process of buying a home, nothing seems more confusing. Renting allows one to dream of … (2 comments)

virginia: Local market report on Loudoun County for August 2014. - 09/19/14 05:49 AM


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