In my four and a half years of residency in the US and six years of marriage to Christie, I have learned that my wife makes excellent pancakes of many different varieties, born of many years' experience. Until my permanent arrival here, I had considered pancakes to be a dessert - enjoyed rarely, ...
There are some Continuing Education topics that are so absorbing the three hours passes just so quickly. Today's  three hour class fits in that category. It was titled 'Alternative Financing - Selling real estate in today's market". I had attended the class previously, before it became a CE class...
The odometer(?) at the top of the page reads 200,000 members - a few hundred more than when I last checked. Congrats to a growing organisation. I am enjoying being part of it. A lot of my recent education, especially about blogging I owe to ActiveRain. I certainly enjoy my association with this h...
  Whenever a reality check is needed in my life, my alter-ego O'Larry the Clown tends to turn up, mostly for a short visit , although he has sometimes stayed quite a while. Among fiendish clown drivel, there can be episodes of balloon sculpture, and even an introduction to his puppet animal frie...
  We are two weeks into 2011 already. The days are streaking by. Perhaps it has been good planning that is making my days so full. I started 2011 on 12/01/10 quite deliberately, realizing that a body in motion remains in motion etc (barring friction). My Diary (this year my Salt Lake City Date B...
I'm a sucker for Sudoku. I like low numbers. One to nine fits my one to ten parameters. I thinks it goes back to the latter part of the first half of last century. I was often deposited in a play pen that had a two-row abacus built into one side. Memories of my use of it are as clear as a bell. ...
from The Lights of Cobb and Co by Henry Lawson (Verses popular and humorous)FIRE LIGHTED, on the table a meal for sleepy men,A lantern in the stable, a jingle now and then;The mail coach looming darkly by light of moon and star,The growl of sleepy voices—a candle in the bar.A stumble in the passa...
I live in that part of Sandy UT designated as Historic Sandy. Our Trax (light rail) station at 9000 S bears that name. Trax provides easy access to downtown Salt Lake City. In the suburbs the light rail is a high speed train with its own corridor: in Salt Lake City, it becomes a tram competing wi...
Toowoomba Queensland is Australia's second largest inland city, 2,000 ft above sea level build at the top of the Toowoomba range. I spent my high school years there at a boarding school. The area is dry and cool for the most part, and even in the wet season, it takes a lot of rain to get the cree...
Christie's home. She is a a darn sight better than when I took her to the ER on Friday. After several days in the ICU, two transfusions and stomach surgery, before twenty fours in a regular ward she is back in her own bed. Perhaps the chaos of the last week is over. She no longer has the view fro...

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