The snow promised for yeasterday arrived overnight. When I finished my allnighter, I had to dig my van out before I could get to my first appointment at 6.30 am. If I could get to the hospital at that time, I could get to visit my wife in the ICU before their 7am closure, and  before I went home ...
With a 40% chance of snow today (none yet, but the day is not over) one might expect pedestrian temperatures. The day has bobbled along in the low teens, a gray outlook and little bits of falling ice making their presence felt. Inversion has required the use of vehicle lights all day.Accumulated ...
Even the best of planned days can end up skewed. Unscheduled events can severely test flexibility. My wife had been slow to recover from surgery before Christmas, so I had been in the habit of checking in on a regular basis. Today's afternoon check led to a rapid trip to the ER. Christie's color ...
Book Review The Checklist Manifesto; How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande.An intriguing book written by a surgeon/author, The Checklist Manifesto explores the increasing liklihood of errors when humans approach their complex world. He looks at errors of ignorance (we don't know and cannot do) ...
Up until October, for a year or so, I had been an ActiveRain lurker. Getting information by searching, reading selected blogs mentioned in Daily Drop and marvelling at the number of erudite comments featured bloggers  received. And then I got sprung by Tish "Why not blog?". What could I say? My i...
I was born into sugar cane farming in Queensland, Australia.Our farm house was situated in the middle of the farm, and each road and headland was known to the rock and culvert. My farm was a defined size with a mixture of land types, under fixed coditions of hot and wet, and hot and dry, ideal fo...
2011 - the beginning of a New Year. I have been awake for the whole of New Year's Day, and will get to see the rest of it, the beauty of the two allnighters I have each week. This is the time I remind myself of my goals for the coming year. To get a good runup I started 2011 a month ago. So here ...

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