First Real Day of Spring The sun was out with nary a cloud in the sky in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, Utah. Clear air and inviting warmth. Obvious snow ready for the melt, the Jordan River which flows to the Great Salt Lake already swollen. With an inviting temperature of 65 degrees (warmer...
A moment of inattention From early morning until late evening, I rely on my van for going everywhere. I load and unload myself many times per day. I start the van and lower the lift from the outside. Once I am on board with my power chair I transfer to the driver's seat, raise the lift, close th...
In search of a good Congee No doubt many of you, like me, start early and finish late. Three regular meals a day often seems a challenge, and the infill with fast foods is outside understanding, though enticing. From long practice, I had been accustomed to six smaller meals, related to my health,...
In Search of Sun in Sandy UT Newscaster: When are we likely to see some Spring weather here in Utah. Co-Host: Probably not for a long while yet. (Mental note - will be great for visitors coming to ski The Greatest Snow on Earth) When the sun does break through it has no heat. Even serpents are f...
Hazzards of Blogging ActiveRain made me do it. That's my excuse anyway. I am more dedicated to the social media since becoming active in ActiveRain. This means more dedicated sitting in front of my computer, leading to hunger pangs, culminating in snacking, voracious snacking, as time passes rap...
Morning Agenda On our morning walk in search of evidence of Spring, today, we traipsed through an area laden with bulbs. Not a skerrick of a daffodil or tulipĀ  - should be knee deep in them by now. Our forecasters have promised us a day of wind, rain and snow (we have since had a bit of all thre...
My Wildlife... At last count miscellaneous guests in my home numbered thirty two (plus several wanna-bes recently acquired but not yet converted from fluffy animal status). Or rather they are the guests of my alter ego O'Larry the Clown. They are hand puppets with many and varied personalities a...
Designing a Subdivision or Two... Whether I rely on instinct, a map or my my GPS (when possible make a legal U-turn) I seem often to be driving in the unknown (to me). I find orientation by Cardinal Points to be instinctive; continuous minor deviations, not so much so. We give Man the credit for...
Searching for signs of Spring After waiting, for an appropriate amount of time, for Spring to hit me in the face, I went searching for it in my front yard. After moving some semi-rotted leaves I found some ground cover with a few signs of life. Spring is actually here. In a system I learned at D...
100 Day Attack - Half Way Fifty days gone in a flash. My theme, Clients, Clients, Clients holds fast. It will continue to serve me for the next fifty days. As I have done in 10 day increments, I will again raise my efforts by 10%. Daylight Saving is now in my favor for being able to achieve this...

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