I tend not to use my horn, but sometimes I'm tempted... The local tendency is to use the loudest blast of horns when other drivers are perceived to be slow in moving (by Milli-seconds even) at light controlled intersections. I am more affable, believing that sudden increases in my blood pressure ...
Great weather for farming Gentle breezes and temperatures in the low nineties make for a pleasant time to be on the ground in my farm. Door knocking is proving to be easier than expected, in all, a pleasant experience. Consistency in contact has led to more conversations as people have gotten us...
                                    A link to the past I am not a fan of seeing old modes of transportation adorning front yards of suburbia, tending to regard such, usually rusting car and truck hulks, as rotting indications of good intentions and projects not completed. The wrecks are usually ...
                                  Utah sky at 2115 After a very warm day, and enough cooling to suggest a stroll (roll) of the neighborhood, we were rewarded with an evening sky of color and beauty at 9:15pm. It was definitely Nature's way of suggesting to us that we had made an excellent choice...
Looking at themes One of my non-words of choice is "simplicate". I like to define it as a search for, and return to, simplicity among the complicated. The Old Testament had 10 Commandments, the New Testament reduced that to two. All reasonably straightforward and simple. Enter Man into the gover...
Prospecting - a daily routine Clients are where you find them. A lot of factors have to align, a lot of different methods employed. Intersecting with a person who wishes to buy or sell a house, or who is even remotely contemplating it, is like a return to the hunter-gatherer era and to be in sea...
Dont Squat With Yer Spurs On! (Book Review) Half the population thinks my half cannot multi-task. In being busy, I tend to disagree. In reading, I am definitely a multiple tasker. With Nook and book(s) always with me, I read for education and entertainment, and in being entertained I am often fu...
A time to mind my language When you are asked "How are you?", how do you reply? In more formal times, the response to "How do you do?" was "How do you do?" (Perhaps meaning "OK, I've asked, to be polite, and since I don't really care or wish to be involved, let's get on with it.") In our current...
Dreams keep me going Dreams with a date attached are goals. Usually by the time of becoming goals, my dreams have been committed to writing and evaluation. My dreams are extensive. They are categorized into short, medium and long term when they evolve into goals. When they are visualized suffici...
Boredom no more Repetition is the key to Mastery. It ensures facility and accuracy. It is the basis of apprenticeship. Nice sentiments, of , perhaps a bygone era. We are now in the time of the quick fix, the always new, the expectation of instant gratification. Too much of a good thing leads to ...

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