Simple imagery, simple observance. Yet a great response. From a population with an estimated 10% Irish connection, St Patrick's Day seems to produce an adoption rate of of a very high order, a happy mixture of "real ones" and "wannabes", and why not? I remember today as a tribute to my ancestry ...
Unseasonably warm weather... It certainly feels like Spring in Salt Lake City, Utah. Warm temperatures. The ability to forget your coat. The returning bounce in people's step. AND the appearing blooms. So can we begin to cheer after a lack-luster, iffy winter? And look forward to re-growth and a...
I can still be tempted. Now that I have lived in the land-locked State of Utah for the last five plus years, I have gotten out of the regular routine of seafood dishes, somehow associating seafood with a coastal experience. My wife and I differ in our staple eating, but in the interests of house...
Mild Winter for Sandy Utah What a strange winter! Some snow on the hills, a few chill winds and the odd snow flurry in town. Last year we could not turn the snow off - this year, the snow plow operators sit idle. With promises (unfulfilled mostly) of elusive storms, they become strangely active, ...

Larry O'Sullivan

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