Definitely a great time of the year in Utah. What a great time to be in Salt Lake City UT. You might just visit for the season or you might consider making it your home. Either way you will come out a winner. Lots of life memories to build on. Beautiful day temperatures, sunshine, calm air, great...
Sunday - my renewal day Following the ancient admonition to work six and rest one, I am happy to make Sunday my day of introspection and renewal. This rest allows me to contemplate my position in the total scheme of things. I am a human doing as well as a human being.
Average seismic activity for the Intermountain West for the past week My odd hobby of observing the week's seismic events (earthquakes) for the Intermountain West (Utah to Yellowstone) has produced 39 events. All events this week have been in the micro range (below 3.0). 15 seismic events across ...
Farming in Sandy UT with Halloween decorations... that time of year Leaves are changing into their Fall colors..and falling. People are in their yards raking, even though with the breezes this might be a losing battle. My farm area in Historic Sandy UT has taken on a new energy. It's fine, it's w...
Photography and Photoshop Meetup in Sandy UT The topic was travel photography. Ray Taggert's presentation hit last night's Sandy Meetup like a piranha taking your line in Manaus. Excitement, enthusiasm, "being there". Exceptional photos with lots of "how to's".  My chance of getting to exotic pla...
Different seismic event pattern in the Intermountain West this week As a hobby I observe the seismic events (earthquakes) in the Intermountain West (Utah to Yellowstone) on a weekly basis. My information is provided by the US Seismic Service located at the University of Utah As usual my informati...
Mountains everywhere, defining where I live For over 80 years, every Sunday, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ("America's Choir") has broadcast to America and the World the delightful program "Music and the Spoken Word". ...from the Crossroads of the West, In the shadow of the everlasting hills... I c...
Pumpkin Time in Sandy Utah complete with season change Sandy UT is getting into the season change idea. Dropping temperatures. Just a little dampness that might qualify as rain. Clouds on the mountains that may clear to reveal snow at higher elevations, An evening promised with increasing tempera...
A more peaceful week for seismic events in the Intermountain West. My hobby is observing seismic events (earthquakes) in the Intermountain West region (Utah to Yellowstone) on a weekly basis. I usually post a summary of events on a Tuesday. My location is about the middle of the map in Sandy UT. ...
3000 Seniors tooting ~ almost a festive suggestion Last week Sandy UT saw the annual Seniors Expo at the Sandy Exhibition Center. It's a two day event providing excelent information, services, entertainment, interactive displays, and in many cases, an enjoyable outing. In my mobile chair, I was i...

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