Things that go bump in the Intermountain West - Seismic Events 134 seismic events for the week in the Intermountain West (Utah to Yellowstone). (From a weekly high during that period of 163 events.) Certainly above average for the region. Main events (3.0 or greater) Light earthquake (4.2) Lava H...
Always a place for hypnosis in coaching and business For the past 15 years or so I have dabbled with Hypnosis; not the theatrical kind of turning people into cavorting chickens, but the deep relaxation style. I first experimented with self hypnosis for pain relief. A long induction and a descent ...
The weather may be fickle but nature will not be denied.   Spring's arrival may not have been as precise as one might have expected after a long winter, but Spring is definitely here. Fruit tree blossoms have made their appearance here in Sandy UT; dandelions have been quick to compete with green...
A lot to look at. Seismic events for the week - the Intermountain West Let's look at the seismic events (earthquakes) for the Intermountain West (Utah to Yellowstone). 116 events in the last seven days - all in the micro range. I get my data and maps from the US Seismic Service located at the Uni...
Seasonal change in Sandy UT. Wait a few minutes... By and large the weather in our high altitude area of the Intermountain Corridor is predictable and mostly enjoyable. It's Springtime in Sandy UT Now for the changes. We warmed; we cooled again (repeat several times with very cool nights); some l...

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