A big, bright moon over Sandy UT The Harvest Moon shines in a clear cool sky over Sandy UT. It appearance marks the end of the blazing heat, in record amounts this summer. This full moon heralds the autumnal change into Fall. Pronounced color changes of leaves will soon be upon us, as we tidy up ...
Innovative business in billy goat country. Happily, parts of this country are for recreational use only. High rugged beauty tempting the outdoor adventurer throughout the year. The High Uintas fall into this category, shared by Utah and Wyoming. From Evanston WY, Clay Zimmerman and his goats met ...
Utah State Fair 2013 has it all The State Fair is Utah showcased. Still two full days to go. It's on at the fairground, easdily accessed by TRAX on the Green Line. For my day at the Fair we had it all. Much needed rain into bright sunshine with an intense double rainbow ~ the whole arch. Puddles ...
Adventure to the south on I15 Just recently I was able to make a trip south into Utah County UT, a whole thirty miles from my home in Sandy UT in Salt Lake County to get my wife to an evening appointment for Secret Women's Business (I suspect an evening meal and a night at a play ~ but I'm never ...
Summer flowers and grasses in Salt Lake City UT In spite of the hottest summer on record (greatest number of days over 95 degrees etc) and the driest in many years, Temple Suare and Plaza in Salt Lake City UT continue to exhibit beautiful floral displays of flowers and grasses to delight any vis...
Comic Con 2013 invades Salt Lake City UT The first Comic Con for Salt Lake City has exceeded all expectations. By the second of three days of festivity, 40,000+ tickets had been sold, a success by any standards; and inspite of earlier naysayers voicing negativity about Salt Lake City's ability to...

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