Now well may ye be askin'...   What might I be doing with the skull of a deceased grissly for these celebrations? Apart from multi-tasking I'll not be telling ye. Ye needs must make up yer own fitting tale. A happy St Patrick's Day to all of Irish descent, and wannabes everywhere. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
There are always challenges            I seem to be missing an entitlement gene, or was I never meant to have one? Long ago I reached a decision that nobody owes me a living. I make my own path in life. Nowhere does it say that life has to be fair. But it is an adventure. Every day holds the prom...
An horse of a different temperament.. daydreaming in a warmer Sandy UT I have declared Winter over. String together enough comfortable days, along with adverse forecasts not achieved, the outdoors beckoning; then I call it Spring. My stultifying comfort zone of Winter thinking shelved for a few s...
Spring is helped along in Salt Lake City UT Over the year Temple Square and Plaza in Salt Lake City UT has many faces. Come at different times for different experiences.   April Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is barely a month away. Visitors to this Conference are t...
Add my detector, pan and shovel... ready for adventure around Sandy UT Winter allows for dreaming and reading and planning. What to tackle in the warmer times? One of my hobbies is looking for gold. I will settle for silver, meteorites or forgotten treasure. My early training in Archaeology inclu...
Once upon a fluffy cloud... in Sandy UT Add white fluffies in the blue above the mountain tops and you have today in Sandy UT - absolute perfection... Light breezes,  Beautiful shirt sleeve weather. A day worth bottling. While lots of the country complains about adverse weather, and excessive sno...
Utah Latin Expo provides a cultural immersion I could get it all at once at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City UT, examples of Latin food, entertainment and industry - Utah businesses showing off their ethnic leanings. It's on this weekend in Hall 4 of the Salt Palace (Temple Square station for TR...

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