100 day attack: The Hundredth day sure feels good. Celebration in Sandy UT today - 09/08/12 05:00 AM
The Hundredth day sure feels good. Celebration in Sandy UT today
My 100 Day Attack is over bar the shouting. It's my celebration time in Sandy UT. Tomorrow, Day 101, is planned as my day of rest and gratitude.

For those of you have followed the Attack since Day 1, June 1, 2012, I hope you have joined me in some of the consistent, persistent effort involved in the exercise. You will feel the effect also.
The Attack is a personal endeavor that I undertake at least once annually to lift myself, to make myself competitive in today's world. … (5 comments)

100 day attack: Ninety out of One Hundred completed - 08/29/12 08:28 AM
Ninety out of One Hundred completed Ninety days in and still charging along. Heat from the dry summer or the friction of sustained effort?  Into the last ten days of the attack with gusto.

I can use my 1.1 multiplier yet again to stretch a little further – in a sprint to the finish.
 An increase in telephone calls, an increase in door knocking, an increase in meeting new people.  Apart from the  1.1 multiplier (applied each ten days of my 100 Day Attack), previous increases of new people are producing even others (quality introductions) over and above the new … (8 comments)

100 day attack: Day 80 of my 100 Day Attack is also a Day of Rest - 08/19/12 09:48 AM
Day 80 of my 100 Day Attack is also a Day of Rest Work six; Rest one is a good-living formula that has been in civilizations for millenia.

Even with my 100 Day Attack where every day is important to the final outcome, this formula still holds true. I have enjoyed each Sunday with its gratitude, rest and recreation aspects. (Read recreation as Re-Creation)
Since Day 100 is a Saturday, then I will surely swing into Day 101 as a day of Big Gratitude.
You might think that instead of being a Clock watcher, I have morphed into a Calendar … (7 comments)

100 day attack: My 100 Day Attack - now a part of my life - 08/08/12 08:55 PM
My 100 Day Attack - now a part of my life Seventy down, the last thirty to go. Striving is not just surviving. It comes with magnificent benefits.

My journaling will show this 100 Day Attack as an attack through the trials of summer. I am meeting goals for increase and change. My 1.1 multiplier has become a habit and a constant challenge. More of the right things. More learning, more exercise, more doing. Dare I say I am now a more efficient person.
My last ten days have coincided mostly with the morass of sports fervor in the community. … (5 comments)

100 day attack: 100 Day Attack - over the hump - 07/29/12 09:22 PM
100 Day Attack - over the hump A 100 Day Attack might sound like a punishment rather that a potential for renewal. My 100 Day Attack has a purpose and offers me  huge personal rewards.

Let's put 100 days in perspective. It sounds a fanciful number. In the next 100 days the Presidential Election will be run and won, harvests will be over for summer crops, there will be snow on the mountains again.
100 days will confirm or change history, with a squillion dollars injected into the economy through advertising, with increasing political comment adding distractions and hesitancy to … (3 comments)

100 day attack: My 100 Day Attack - 50 Days gone already - 07/19/12 09:10 PM
My 100 Day Attack - 50 Days gone already
A 4am start is developing as a habit. I seem to beat my phone alarm by two minutes ~ eager to start the day with thoughts that other time zones are already hunting breakfast and a commute. (Remember ~ I chose mainly home office, with attendant disciplines).
Our cats are used to my exercise routines (mainly dumbbell - subject to my 1.1 multiplier for reps and sets) seeking only to request out at rest points. With increased lung capacity I am coping better with challenges of summer, smoke  and dust in … (30 comments)

100 day attack: Zipping right along there - 07/10/12 09:05 AM
Zipping right along there
Day 40 of my 100 Day Attack sees me with new habits. Business, health, mental focus are all showing definite signs of improvement. There's a lot to be said for programmed activity - persistent and consistent are the catchwords.
My best description of this 100 Day Attack is that it is like a much needed tonic. It is a joy to attack each day, especially when the results are so pleasingly obvious.
My multiplier of Effort x 1.1 each 10 days is proving achievable - and beneficial. I am fitting so-o much more into each day. … (3 comments)

100 day attack: Thirty days and still stretching - 06/30/12 03:43 AM
Thirty days and still stretching My personal 100 Day Attack The last ten days have flown by.  This is the result of always having something to do. Always part of the solution, never a confirming part of the problem.

I can see, ahead, where changes have to be made. This comes from detailed journaling and recording of daily efforts. By making necessary changes to my schedule I am becoming more efficient, better utilizing my time. More is accomplished.
The demand I placed on myself for a 10% increase in activities that are revenue producing has been met during the last … (5 comments)

100 day attack: Time for stretching myself - 06/20/12 08:18 AM
Time for stretching myself Day 20 of my 100 Day Attack, and I am on track. I am meeting goals and deadlines.

My celebration for this achievement is a mere increase across the board of 10% for my daily activity.  I often marvel at the compound magic of multiplication by 1.1.   I started my daily goal of door knocks at 30.  After the first 10 days, this increased to a daily 33 answered knocks, and now at Day 21 this increases to 36 – achievable without appearing to add a burden to my day. (Internal acceptance and a new norm … (7 comments)

100 day attack: Early bruises in my 100 day attack - 06/10/12 08:03 AM
Early bruises in my 100 day attack Challenges?  First 10 days the hardest? Probably only in establishing procedures and momentum. It's amazing, how, over time, these fall in to disrepair. Comfort zones need to be challenged. time to explore "my palace of possibilities".

If anything, my return to a fitness program indicates that I might be aging more than I suspected. Because of the limited mobility of a wheel chair, I have increased my dumbbell and weights training.
Parts of me that I haven't felt in a while are protesting. There is a definite need to work through the pain … (38 comments)

100 day attack: Personal challenge of 100 day attack - 06/01/12 07:54 AM
Personal challenge of 100 day attack It's on. Day 1 of my 100 day attack.

Excitement. Sap is rising already. A very early start for this first day of a great adventure.
100 days seems a huge amount: expressed as 10 reps of 10 exercises, the the challenge is put into perspective. I can do it. With reviews and tweaking, then goals can be reached, modified or extended as necessary.
I know the areas of my work that are income producing. These can be streamlined and challenged. Daily numbers prove progress, as does increase in bottom line. What is working, … (7 comments)

100 day attack: Sleep - an optional extra - 05/31/12 06:46 AM
Sleep - an optional extra At the end of a month I usually take time to review my life, my business and my place in the world.
Too often it is easy to slip into complacency - my comfort zone, the area of life that tends to produce "just enough" to get by. Instead of classifying myself as a mere human being I choose to be a human doing. This requires positive action on my part.

Since I am the only one to provide my necessary motivation, I have to plan and execute my own programs. With this in mind, … (8 comments)

100 day attack: One Hundred Day Attack - the 100th Day - 05/11/11 09:41 AM

One Hundred Day Attack - the 100th Day For this Hundred Day Attack I have had the theme Clients, Clients, Clients with a major concentration on prospecting, each ten days raising my efforts for calls, follow up, personal meets etc by 10% from a starting base ( my previous norm).I feel the effects of this consistent, persistent effort. My phone rings more often.More is asked of me. I am  aware of previous limits ~ they were self imposed and can be changed by mental effort. I worked with a plan, one that was changed and tweaked when I found I … (8 comments)

100 day attack: 100 Day Attack - 90 days gone just like that - 05/01/11 01:23 PM
100 Day Attack - 90 days gone just like that Every maniple of days in sets of two have streaked by, with a mere 10 days left. A cencentrated attack with a theme of Clients, Clients, Clients has borne fruit. I am now in the Harvest period of this Attack, so very near the Reward phase. I have enjoyed the increasing activity - I find it hard to imagine retreating from my new positions of activity.  Comfort zones were abolished, new possibilities found. My health is excellent and my endurance much enhanced from exercise activities during the attack. I have developed … (3 comments)

100 day attack: 100 Day Attack - 70 days in - 04/12/11 06:53 AM

100 Day Attack - 70 days in
Clients, Clients, Clients - the quest continues.
The edges of impossible are being rolled back by persistent, consistent effort, and with a 10% increase in activity each ten days. Prospecting, the most important part of my day, is now instinctive.
More calls, more farming activity, more follow up. "Keep contacting until they tell me to stop" - and, by and large, they don't (used to be my limiting self belief, now dispatched by installing new habits).
An increase of 10% in my exercise routines each ten days of the attack is making me … (19 comments)

100 day attack: 100 Day Attack - Half Way - 03/22/11 02:20 PM

100 Day Attack - Half Way
Fifty days gone in a flash.
My theme, Clients, Clients, Clients holds fast. It will continue to serve me for the next fifty days.
As I have done in 10 day increments, I will again raise my efforts by 10%. Daylight Saving is now in my favor for being able to achieve this increase, to get prospects out of their front doors later in the evening.
I am out of my comfort zone, exploring my Palace of Possibilities. I have come too far to even contemplate quitting the discomforts and settling for the gains … (3 comments)

100 day attack: Dealing with negatives - 03/21/11 02:42 PM

Dealing with negatives...
I had a plan for a busy day, a whole list of things to do, things that might give me a deal of satisfaction. Included with this plan was a vision of a nice Spring day.
To this end I charged in. My proposed farming and associated photography was challenged by the cool, then by increasing wind and then by rain. One of the blessings of being on a 3-wheeled mobility scooter is that it will provide me with plenty of fresh air, and "fresh" it was. Because I move so little on the scooter, I lose … (9 comments)

100 day attack: 100 Day Attack - 40 Days In... - 03/14/11 07:04 AM
100 Day Attack - 40 Days In...
My theme remains Clients, Clients, Clients. With the change of seasons, clients are appearing, more are keeping appointments, notwithstanding Daylight Saving changes.
Each ten days I have determined to increase activity a mere 10%, with my theme of Clients, Clients, Clients. More face-to-face, more follow up, more good use of time available has been the result. I have no time for, nor do I tolerate negatives in whatever form. Problems become challenges to be overcome.
My days are full, and a lot of evenings are spoken for. I make time for helping others and … (7 comments)

100 day attack: My 100 Day Attack - the first 10 days - 02/11/11 10:51 AM

My 100 Day Attack - the first 10 days
As I indicated previously, the theme of my 100 Day Attack is Clients, Clients, Clients. The first 10% of the Attack passed so-o rapidly; days are beginning to blur.
At this point, I have had a chance to evaluate my activity; and with most activity there has been an increase in opportunity. (Perhaphs the harder I work, the luckier I get comes into play).
Surely the biggest A'ha from the ten days was that I need to stop "avoidance" (things that are easy to do are just as easy not to … (5 comments)