design: The things you learn on ActiveRain... - 04/14/12 10:28 AM

The things you learn on ActiveRain I try many things suggested by ActiveRain members, and I learn lots (considering the BC after my name stands for "before computers").
When it comes to Gary Coles' suggestions, I try all his ideas. He got me to play with WORDLES.
My first attempts were somewhat pathetic, but in an odd way, rather intriguing. OK, time to read the rules. Made a world of difference - now I was in control.
Not only do I like the effect, but I rather marvel at the variety available to me. Not all that much to learn, … (11 comments)

design: Designing a Subdivision or Two... - 03/24/11 01:44 AM

Designing a Subdivision or Two...
Whether I rely on instinct, a map or my my GPS (when possible make a legal U-turn) I seem often to be driving in the unknown (to me).
I find orientation by Cardinal Points to be instinctive; continuous minor deviations, not so much so.
We give Man the credit for the intricate patterning of Subdivisions, and praise his imaginative design.
Nature has had the design for much longer and does not seem to attract the same credit. In fact the design has infinite variations in every leaf of every family or genus of trees or … (13 comments)