pioneer day ut: Hey ~ we're having a holiday in Utah today. - 07/24/13 08:35 AM
Hey ~ we're having a holiday in Utah today.
It's the Utah biggie; July 24th, Pioneer Day.
My driveway has a US flag fluttering in the nice breezes of a slightly cooler day, all very pleasant. It was placed at dawn by our local Boy Scouts to remind us of the Pioneer entry into the Valley of the Great Salt Lake in 1847.
My wife and I have watched the "Days of 47 Parade" ~ two hours of spectacle in Salt Lake City. It's the third largest parade in the USA and a credit to overall State participation. 
The day has … (9 comments)

pioneer day ut: Joys of hiding in plain sight - 04/28/13 10:09 AM
Joys of hiding in plain sight

Perhaps its just an effect of a long winter, or could be laziness attendant to old age, but I have somehow acquired facial hair (where little has been known to grow on top for many decades) suitable for a disguise.
Some acquaintances half stop and continue warily. They may be shaken and hesitant. Eventually they see through the disguise.
My wife had never seen me thus equipped, but seeing the change day by day, weakened in her comment especially when several of her friends remarked that it was an improvement (ie "hides his face"). … (11 comments)