west jordan ut: Another way here - 07/17/12 09:15 PM
Another way here For the past several years I have been enticing you to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, as a great place to visit, a wonderful place to consider as your family home.
We have our Highways, north to south, east to west. We live in second easiest State for a school kid to draw, and on all maps the name of the State fits within the State borders. Beauty abounds - our Parks and our Mountains invite.

Now I am offering you another way here - fly yourself in.
Our daughter does. She is a flight … (12 comments)

west jordan ut: Add a bit of country - 08/29/11 01:49 PM

Add a bit of country Shopping is not my thing. Hunt it bag it, and on my way.
Occasionally a little serendipity creeps into my life. I have been looking to update my firearms for skeet, target and hunting for some time. Out of the blue appears a C_A_L  Ranch Store. It's there in West Jordan UT (7800 S 2735 W). I must have passed it many times, unknowing.
Definitely country in the city, with an emphasis on farm. Hay bales and animal … (5 comments)

west jordan ut: Cemetery Humor - 03/01/11 01:27 PM

Redwood Memorial Mortuary and Cemetery, 6500 South Redwood Rd. West Jordan UT 84123
In my mail today I received an advertising p/c from the Redwood Memorial Mortuary and Cemetery in West Jordan UT. Amongst the bills and other advertising pieces it stood out for its humor and levity.
The front is suited to winter and the current mountain sports in Utah along with their associated perils.
It is enterprising in its approach, because I am being tempted to forsake my local cemetery (a mere 300 yards away in Sandy UT) for the elevated, beautiful views of Redwood Road West Jordan.