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Tips, Techniques and networking ideas from one of real estate's premier technology/marketing trainers and speakers. Allen learns from the CyberStars(r) ( and shares his knowledge with you.
  I invite you to join me this Thursday, March 18th, for a very special 1 hour Webinar. I have asked CyberStars(r) Pat Wattam ( and Debbie Yost ( to join me during the session.  These wonderful agents earned $93,044 and $333,299 from their Web sites and blogs ...
I recently posted here re. some stunning Web site & blog statistics from three of my CyberStars(r) who presented a panel on site/blog success at our recent CyberStar(r) Summit.  You can see it here. In the meantime, I tallied the results of the annual survey we do at our Summit.  Once question as...
I just posted a new article on my blog.  In it, I present some astounding statistics on the money my CyberStars(r) are making from their sites and blogs...and how they are not making much money from Social Networking, even though they are leaders in studying, analyzing and using today's technolog...
A quick question: are you making money from your Web site and/or blog?  Most agents don't, and if you fit that category, start by measuring the results you're getting at present.  A good site/blog analysis can show you what you need to improve to make a good living from your site alone! During ou...
During our CyberStar(r) Summit this week in Scottsdale, I "passed the torch" to CyberStar(r) Brad Korn.  Brad is the new Owner/President of this wonderful CyberStar(r) family. I founded the CyberStars(r) in 1995 as a result of a panel I held at the NAR Convention in San Francisco.  After our pan...
Just finished our 9th annual CyberStar® Summit in Scottsdale....2 days of non-stop learning, sharing and networking among 138 of the top agents in the US and Canada.  We focused on using today's technology to build our businesses, and the information we received was eye-opening!  My first blog po...
CyberStar® Ira Serkes of Berkeley, CA asked the following question on private CyberStar® Google Group: "You or someone you know dominates a real estate neighborhood or community. How did you/they do it?" "We had lots of great replies from our members.  I'll share this one from CyberStar® Dave Rob...
As you know if you have followed my posts, I really promote agents using a Virtual Assistant...both in the classes I teach, on my blog and here on Active Rain. I have just completed an eBook, "Digital Essentials for Today's Agent." 228 tips on using technology from 128 from my CyberStars(r).  One...
While on my balcony overlooking Lake Anne the other day, I saw a buzzard lazily floating.  It was covering a lot of territory as it surveyed the scene below. As with all such birds, it floated in lazy circles and only occasionally flapped its wings.  It was a perfect example of maximum results w...
At the moment, I have 2,086 items in my inbox!  This is crazy, absurd and unproductive to say the least. Email is a tool, just like a hammer.  It is a tool to use when needed.  It is designed to get more done in less time and to help me be more productive.   2,086 items in my inbox is pretty good...

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