frontage: 5 Acres with Apprx. 1000 ft of Washougal Riverfront Common Access for You! - 06/24/11 04:47 AM
5 Acres with Apprx. 1000 ft. Washougal Riverfront Common Access for you! Build your home and enjoy fishing, kayaking, inner tubing, floating the river and all the river wildlife and birds.After a softly curving drive 6.5 miles on Washougal River Rd., take a left on Rosemary Drive to view some of the most lovely vacant land ever perched on a hill. It's level with plenty of space to build your castle on a hill. There's even the opportunity to enjoy the southern exposure warming your home in the winter and views of Mt. Hood and the Washougal River territory.


frontage: Would You Like to Watch the Washougal River Every Day? - 06/06/11 08:22 AM

frontage: Have Buyers! Need Washougal River Properties! Do You Know of Anyone Selling? - 01/10/11 11:17 AM
I have Buyers for Washougal River properties with river access! January 10,2014...People are already shopping for that summer home!
 If you know of anyone on the Washougal River that is thinking of selling...please let me know! I have the buyers for you! We have seen a lot of the current inventory already. Looking for a few more to tour. More and more buyers are asking to tour the currently available 12 homes on the Washougal river that have actual water frontage access. They do not want homes that are across the street from the Washougal River. They do not want homes that have … (0 comments)

frontage: You CAN Snorkel in the Washougal River|Washougal, WA - 08/17/10 06:30 AM

You CAN Snorkel in the Washougal River in Washougal, WA!
My granddaughter, Morgan Urell is living proof that it's fun to snorkel in the Washougal River. She has exceled at it this summer. She snorkels and brings us lots of surprises and pretty rocks. She catches little fish and crawdads and explores the river bottom. (Morgan is so pretty...this picture certainly doesn't do her justice!! And Morgan is goofy and fun too.)

Washougal River Homes for Sale with River Frontage in Washougal WA
All of our grandkids except the two in Utah, have learned to troop up and down our … (1 comments)

frontage: SOLD!! Motor Cross MX Washougal River Open House|Washougal, WA - 07/21/10 09:33 AM

Motor Cross MX + Washougal River Frontage Open House|Washougal, WA
Washougal's famous Motor Cross is happening this weekend, July 23-25th, 2010. This will be a FABULOUS time to do an open house for my clients! There are "thousands" of cars, trucks, "Toy Haulers," campers, going up the Washougal River Road. There has to be special accomodations for all the traffic, there are changes in direction and accomodation for emergency vehicles-god forbid that a Motor Cross driver will be injured this usually fun-filled weekend!
So...OPEN HOUSE!! I'll also have a TALKING HOUSE set up to help out of state drivers learn … (1 comments)

frontage: Washougal River Homes for Sale with River Frontage in Washougal WA - 07/19/10 12:23 PM

Catch Salmon, Steelhead, float the river, have friends over to swim, watch the's all here! Washougal River Homes for Sale-you could live here too. 
Call me if you'd like to tour waterfront homes!
There are plenty of homes for sale with river frontage. There are all shapes, sizes and prices.  I've lived here for over ten years. I know the neighborhoods, the traffic, the local stories and me! 360-852-1689
HERE ARE SOME OTHER INTERESTING WASHOUGAL BLOGS:Sandy Swimming Hole is a Popular Place on Sheperd Rd. Washougal WA, 9867115,000 Chinook Salmon Crossed into the Washougal River Yesterday … (1 comments)

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