homes: Market Statistics Home Prices in Washougal, WA March 2013 - 03/29/13 09:23 AM
Market Statistics Home Prices in Washougal, WA March 2013
Real estate market data for Washougal, WA provided by Jill Watts of Realty Pro.
Washougal Home Prices I've lived in Washougal, WA for many, many years. It has a lot to offer in activities, events and new businesses. Washougal, WA has become a stronger home purchase area to search for a great price as you can observe here:Market Statistics Home Prices in Washougal, WA March 2013
 As you can see from the chart below, there are opportunities in some areas of Washougal to make great financial … (0 comments)

homes: Availability of Smaller Homes Are Being Depleted in Clark County - 03/18/12 03:05 AM
Pending Problem! Our Clark County, WA residential homes for sale are being snapped up, especially the ones under $100K. In the last month, we have found that homes that are fixers, investment, short sales, foreclosures and priced well ...are being snapped up. I've always said, "The best priced homes go pending within 30 days!" 


I speak of this because of a Pending Problem that I have personally experienced as a real estate broker in the last two weeks in Clark County, WA.  I have a gentleman who is searching for a first home and he wants it under $100K. … (0 comments)

homes: This Month in Real Estate and Greats Tips on Winterizing Your Home! - 10/12/11 10:22 AM
This Month in Real Estate by Jay Papasan...The average sale of homes is up last month and up from last year at an average annual 5,000,000 homes sold. The median home price is $168,000.
Also watch this video to get some great winterizing tips for your home. You'll get some good information on insulating pipes in crawlspace and attics and more to save you money!


homes: Ugliest Homes for Sale in Clark County Wa and Other Fun Searches! - 08/19/11 05:54 PM
Ugliest And More!

homes: Ranch Homes are Popular in Clark County! - 09/21/10 07:05 AM
Ranch Homes are Popular in Clark County! Buyers have differing reasons to look for a ranch home. I don't want to mention that the population is getting older of course. But a ranch home is also a popular search because 2 story homes sometimes have noise from upstairs, or the laundry is either upstairs or downstairs which is inconvenient. My clients have told me "their dog can no longer make it up the stairs." Or, "if there is a fire, they don't want to have to deal with an upstairs escape route." There are plenty of ranch homes in Clark County. … (1 comments)

homes: Waterfront Homes Clark County WA-Be Brave-MAKE ANY OFFER! DON'T BE CHICKEN! - 08/17/10 05:55 AM
YOU WON'T GET A WATERFRONT HOME IF YOU DON'T ASK! Have you heard that saying? If you want a waterfront home, you'll have to find one you like and make an offer. Any offer. It's a game. It's a gamble. If the seller doesn't like your offer...believe me...they will counter back to you. If YOU don't like their can walk with no consequences. ASK for that waterfront home by MAKING AN OFFER!!! It only takes a few hours of your time to find one, make an offer. Waiting to hear the results is the … (2 comments)

homes: Homes for Sale Clark County, WA - 08/17/10 03:21 AM
< Dream Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA

There are many wonderful choices of homes for sale in Clark County, WA right now. Buyers can be picky, they can be choosy, they can get a bargain of a lifetime! There are 2 bedroom homes, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom and up homes for sale in Clark County! Just dream it and you can have it...for a great low price.

Three of the homes that are featured today in these rolling slide shows are WATERFRONT homes. One has a pond+ paddleboat and two creeks, one is a fabulous … (1 comments)

homes: LIVE MLS Link for Luxury Homes Over $600,000 Clark County WA - 07/25/10 05:23 AM
LIVE MLS Link for Luxury Homes Over $600,000 Clark County WA!

Luxury Homes offer stunning views, unbelievable craftmanship, unusual materials, a designer's delightful experiments in flair and impressions. Whether it be a family home, a luxury home commanding a presence on acreage, a luxury home that is purely for vacation...there are many definitions of luxury. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder..and the pocketbook. Here is a "LIVE" MLS link that changes as the market changes and new luxury homes are brought to the market or when one of the beauties is sold. Use this Live Link … (0 comments)

homes: 2000 Sq Ft. & Up Camas WA Homes Under $300,000 - 07/23/10 08:59 PM
2000 Sq Ft. & Up Camas WA Homes Under $300,000

Here are ALL the available fabulous Camas homes for today so you can search by yourself.
In Camas, there are all sorts of neighborhood homes...there are new subdivisions, bank owned and short sales, there are homes built on a hill that have a great view of things such as the Columbia River or Mt. Hood, there are older homes with basements that are charming and cute, there are homes on acreage with a barn, even waterfront homes...pretty much any kind of home you might desire.  I can help you … (1 comments)

homes: 2 Story Homes Over 2500 Sq Ft. Vancouver WA - 07/23/10 08:49 PM
Vancouver, WA is a great, thriving community with lots to do for singles, families, tourists, young, old and a big tip of the hat to our young-at-heart seniors! (There is an abundance of senior-living ammenities in Vancouver and Clark County) And if you get bored...we're right across from the metropolis-Portland, Oregon! Come and visit us today and see our great shoppping and event possibilities. If you are relocating to Vancouver WA, give me a call. I consider myself a local expert and look forward to bragging rights about our sweet town! … (1 comments)

homes: Waterfront Homes|Clark County, WA - 07/23/10 08:33 PM

homes: 5 Bedroom Homes in Vancouver WA Under $350,000 |Fireplace - 07/23/10 08:29 PM

homes: Live MLS Link to Vancouver WA Ranch Homes Under $200,000 - 07/23/10 06:20 PM
My good friend, Ken Rosengren taught me so many things about our own Clark County RMLS! He taught me how to make a LIVE link to pages that contain searchable links. See my first attempt at this live link below! I'm pretty impressed! Ken says he learned it through our Keller Williams computer giant, Josh Jensen. Ken also taught me how to look at my craisglist ads in a different light. Lol, he also showed me that some of my ads didn't fit the subject line I had posted. Ken is King of Craigslist I think! Thanks Ken!!! You KW ROCK!!! … (2 comments)

homes: Red Flowers by the Front Door is All It takes to Sell a Home? - 07/11/10 06:49 PM

Red flowers by the front door is all it takes to sell a home? I wish it were that simple! We all know that no matter how pretty, cute, large, "ammenitized," "granitized," painted, decorated, cleaned, carpeted, jet tubbed, garaged, hardwooded, acreaged, open concepted, and outbuilding-ed your home is....PRICE IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!! Sellers....Buyers are doing their homework. Savvy buyers know that there are 15 more homes for sale that are similiar to all the "FIXED UP," "UPDATED" stuff you have already done to your home...somewhere in La La Land...there's a home for sale that's CHEAPER! And if your home isn't the CHEAPER … (3 comments)

homes: Buyers Get Free Public Access to the MLS!! Jill Watts 360-852-1689 - 05/04/10 03:37 PM
Buyers Get Free Public Access to the MLS!Finally there is Free Public Access to The MLS!CHOOSE ANY CLARK COUNTY HOME

Now you can access the MLS using similar tools as Realtors. You are in total control of what you want to search for, and you can search the MLS at your leisure.
The information you submit in the form attached can also be used to put you on an automated system where you'll be emailed the hottest, newest homes for sale that meet your search criteria.You'll get internet access to a website that includes pictures, prices, and addresses to real estate homes … (0 comments)

homes: LaCamas Shores Million Dollar Homes Offered at Fire Sale Prices?, 360-852-1689 - 12/25/09 03:14 PM
LaCamas Shores Million dollar homes offered at Fire Sale prices? Are you looking for a unforgettable home? Possibly a home for sale with over 4000 square feet in a stunning neighborhood? Would you like a home in the Camas, Washington area which is known for some of the BEST schools in the state? LaCamas Shores Drive is located in Camas, WA  98607 zip code. There are five active residential listings in the LaCamas Shores Drive current since 11/25/2009-12/25/2009.  The average Days on Market for these listings are 138 days.  This is interesting...especially if you are looking for the best deals in … (2 comments)

homes: LaCamas Shores Heritage Trail, Camas, WA, 360-852-1689 - 12/24/09 06:17 PM
Have you walked the LaCamas Heritage Trail? It is tucked away down by the LaCamas lake in Camas, WA located in Clark County, WA. There is great parking provided for your convenience. The 7.5 mile trail is very, very walkable. It's not a difficult trail and explores many nooks and crannies on the west side of the LaCamas lake. Another really neat thing about all this wilderness enjoyment is that this trail backs to some of the beautiful homes in the LaCamas Shores Drive area. These are upper scale homes and the backyards that border the trail are gorgeous. But even … (3 comments)

homes: Dec. '07 vs Dec. '08 Clark County Washington Market Snapshot - 01/29/09 10:11 AM
Greetings!   In looking at the graph above, I think to are so close to last year for sales and pending sales. But please read on:  
Market activity fell just short of last year's marks in December. Comparing December 2007 to December 2008, closed sales fell 4%, while pending sales dropped 2.2%. New listings, however, grew 3.8%. At December's month's rate of sales, the 4,228 active residential listings would last approximately 14.8 months. 
2008 Summary: Comparing results from 2008 with 2007 shows a 9% drop in new listings. Closed sales dropped 26.9%, while pending sales fell … (3 comments)

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