real estate: BEST Homes in Clark County WA 2016-You Can Buy! - 12/02/15 02:25 AM
Looking for the BEST OF THE BEST? Do you WANT IT ALL? That can happen right here in Clark County WA 2016! Anyone can look for a stunning home! But....what do you really, really want? Waterfront? Acreage? Six Car garage? In any upper scale home, you'll be wanting things like custom flooring, custom cabinets, custom closet systems, custom outdoor entertaining areas, right down to custom construction.....maybe even Frank Lloyd Wright....Right?!
It's here. Clark County is across the river from Portland, Oregon, but way less crowded, less congestion, less taxes and LESS TRAFFIC!!!

real estate: Calling Off of a Real Estate Sign? Thinking Buyer Discount? - 09/17/14 07:31 AM
Calling Off of a Real Estate Sign? Thinking Buyer Discount?
I recently had a phone call from a buyer that said, "we only call the listing agent off the sign to show us the house because we can work a better deal for ourselves that way."
Here are my thoughts on buyers that drive around calling for listing agents to show them the property:
1. The listing agent will gladly show you the property!
2. You, as the buyer are at a disadvantage. You are an "Unrepresented" buyer.
3. The listing agent represents the seller at all times, not … (8 comments)

real estate: This Month in Real Estate and Greats Tips on Winterizing Your Home! - 10/12/11 10:22 AM
This Month in Real Estate by Jay Papasan...The average sale of homes is up last month and up from last year at an average annual 5,000,000 homes sold. The median home price is $168,000.
Also watch this video to get some great winterizing tips for your home. You'll get some good information on insulating pipes in crawlspace and attics and more to save you money!


real estate: Are You Worried About the Market? Clark Howard Financial Guru Can Help!! - 06/06/11 07:50 AM
Have you heard of Clark Howard, the financal Guru?? My Zombie friends say...."don't be afraid of the markets slow recovery!" Clark Howard, the financial guru has help for you!

If you don't listen to Clark Howard on TV or the should really sign up for his newsletter! I have listened to him for at least ten years. Any question about finances...I usually check his webpage out first. He has GREAT reliable advice about anything you can think of, such as the best credit cards to choose, buying or investing in real estate, protecting your … (1 comments)

real estate: Jill Watts Find A Realtor Vancouver WA Keller Williams Premier Partners - 04/26/11 09:04 AM

Jill Watts Find A Realtor Vancouver WA Keller WilliamsKeller Williams Culture:"To Get By Giving" is why I love working with Keller Williams Premier Partners in downtown Vancouver WA! We also have a Keller Williams office in Battle Ground, WA. I have worked here at KW almost five years and it has been so easy. There has been such great support amongst all the agents--and you can believe that! I hear stories of other agencies: stories of the competition, back biting, sneaky things that some agencies have inside their organizations. I am so blessed to work with … (1 comments)

real estate: Relocation Clark County, WA| Your Relocation Expert|Jill Watts - 03/22/11 06:27 AM
Moving and Relocation is a very challenging event. If you need a Relocation expert, please call me! You must be curious to know about the different neighborhoods, maps of the region, the city government, the schools, the crime and local activities before you buy a home in an area. No matter where you are moving from, across America or just to a neighboring'll need to research the next place you plan to go. I've compiled some helpful webpages from our great areas in Clark County for you! I hope you'll email me at or call me at 360-852-1689 to find … (0 comments)

real estate: Clark County Real Estate Market Trend Numbers for Last 4 Months - 02/07/11 12:07 PM
Here are the residential real estate market trend numbers for the last four months in Clark County:


real estate: 100,192 Points for ActiveRain & Celebrating! WhoooHoooo! - 08/17/10 07:00 AM
I don't get a trophy today...but I've sure gained an education over the past year and a half. I've reached the 100,000 mark for my real estate business blogging. For those of you who aren't familiar with ActiveRain blogging, each blog is about 225 points. There are other ways to get points too, such as commenting, reblogging a post, bringing a new ActiveRain member, etc. But, TRULY...IT ISN'T ABOUT THE POINTS!!!
Thank you to all the ActiveRain members who have shared and taught me "how you carry out your business" for real estate sales, lending, staging, marketing, internet, listing help, graphic … (43 comments)

real estate: Mice Ammenities Mister! - 07/11/10 07:21 PM

Wow, what Mice ammenities you have there!
This mouse has a cute bit of real estate.

real estate: Avoid Foreclosure Scams - 07/02/10 10:58 AM
Foreclosure Scams Do Happen

Unfortunately, there are those who prey upon people in financial difficulty. Most likely, anything that sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

 To avoid Foreclosure scams it is important for the borrower to:
• Check with a lawyer or the mortgage company before entering into any transaction involving the property.
• Remember that the loan must be paid even if the deed is signed over to someone else. The lender must formally release the mortgage debt.
• Make sure all promises are made in writing.
• Not sign anything with blanks … (0 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Today Radio From National Association of Real Estate - 05/17/10 08:43 AM
National Association of Realtor's Real Estate Today Radio about how the housing market in the United States. It talks about how home values and pricing will stay low for at least another year or so. So this is the best time to purchase for investment or a dream home!

Check out this National Association of Realtor's Real Estate Today Radio widget and click on it to hear from the experts!


real estate: For Sale By Owners..5 SIGNS YOU ARE A LOSER! FORBES MAGAZINE SAYS SELL NOW! - 05/05/10 06:38 PM
You put the "For Sale By Owner" signs out in your front yard to sell your home yourself. To me....this screams LOSER!! I think you are LOSING so much by not allowing a professional to help you.  Read to the bottom to release yourself from this malady.Your choice to be an "unrepresented seller" may be for many reasons:(5) You may not like realtors. (99% are actually good people just like you. They are trying to help you sell your home with NO hassles and NO legal incidences for … (5 comments)

real estate: Market Fears, Consumer Confidence is Up and Real Estate,, 360-852-1689 - 02/06/10 11:02 AM
Market fears and real estate planning go hand in hand these days. Markets are improving but anxiety about the future is keeping some buyers from missing the singular opportunity to turn the issue of fear to their advantage. Fear has become the largest gorilla in the room when people think of buying or selling in this market. "Should I make this move?" "Should I sell my house now for less? "Will I really be able to buy UP in this market?" "Will I be able to recoup the "loss" of my selling pricing and make a gain in equity and square … (1 comments)

real estate: HUD Releases 90-Day House Flipping Rule,, 360-852-1689 - 01/15/10 02:56 PM

INVESTOR ALERT!! HUD has announced today that the 90-day house flipping restrictions have been lifted as of February 1st, 2010.  For my friends who are really into multiple streams of income and like to get their hands dirty fixing up those Fixer Uppers....this announcement is for you!  "Flipping" homes has now just become least for the coming year. This will certainly be a positive effect on our market.

Here are some things that are rules applying to this new HUD flipping houses rules::
Buyer and seller may not be family members. Seller may not increase the … (6 comments)

real estate: Great for Lunch:Panera Bread Cafe in Vancouver, WA, 360-852-1689 - 01/13/10 03:57 PM
Panera Bread Cafe! Oh my's not JUST about bread! I took a friend there for lunch and she said she had been into Panera Bread but only to buy bread.It's like a great little coffee place, with really yummy desserts, soups and sandwhiches. (They have wifi too! I love places that include FREE wifi!)

I find it interesting all the different types of people that visit Panera Bread cafe. There are business people: you can see them there with their laptops, nicely dressed and notebooks. Then there are Moms with toddlers in tow. (They have some toys in the … (2 comments)

real estate: Comparing Keller Williams to Other Real Estate Agencies in Vancouver, WA,, 360-852-1689 - 01/12/10 09:26 AM
Today a group of Keller Williams agents were comparing real estate agencies. In our group was a new agent to Keller Williams, I'll call her Marcia. She was talking about how she visited her old agency the other day. It is one of the larger, better known agencies in America, I'll call it "X".  Her old co-workers asked her what's the difference from our agency "X" and Keller Williams? Marcia said with X agency, the education comes to you like you are driving down a two lane country road with an exit or side road to education every ten miles or so. … (3 comments)

real estate: Mural Downtown Washougal, WA, (1/2010), 360-852-1689 - 01/06/10 05:58 PM

This colorful mural is a attractive addition to the Washougal Downtown area. I do not know the artist that painted it and I have not been able to find it on the internet. I'd be grateful if you can share that info with me. It would be nice to know the history of the story and the intended meaning of the artist.To me, it's a happy picture. It depicts a lot of the history of Washougal, WA. The name, Washougal means "rushing waters."  This picture is located on the north wall of the Tru Value Store on Main Street … (2 comments)

real estate: Mural in Orchards, WA on Fourth Plain Boulevard, 360-852-1689 - 01/05/10 04:05 PM
I drove by this mural in Orchards, WA on NE Fourth Plain Boulevard and just had to stop and take a picture of it. I've always seen it, but just never stopped to take in all the intracacies of the picture itself.  Believe it or not, it was painted by over 100 volunteers in a "paint by number" fashion. The artist is Guy Drennan and Linda Peterson. If you see it you'll be amazed. It's right in the middle of a busy shopping area of Orchards. It was hard for me to get a good picture because of the busy traffic. But … (2 comments)

real estate: 12/30/2009 Woodland, Ridgefield, LaCenter, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Yacolt RMLS Market Stats, 360-852-1689 - 01/01/10 04:44 PM
12/30/2009 STATS FOR YOU: Upper Clark County market numbers from Ridgefield, Woodland, LaCenter, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Yacolt Neighborhoods  Hot off the presses!  These are the latest market stats for some of the areas in Clark County for the week of 12/23/09-12/30/2009. These are just for residential homes for sale, including condos,manufactured homes, and townhomes. If you'd like to see what your home is valued at now in this market, call me at 360-852-1689.  If you'd like to receive the hottest, newest listings in your email before the sign goes in the yard.... Call me!


 Jill Watts
Realty … (0 comments)

real estate: Give A Day, Get a Free Disney Day!,360-852-1689 - 12/30/09 09:01 AM
Give a Day, Get a Free Disney Day! Wanna go to a fun-filled day at Disneyland for FREEE!!!!? I have to admit that you'd think Mickey & Minne Mouse were our close family relatives as many times as our family has gone to see them! We love the beauty of the parks, the well themed areas, the entertainment and especially the Electric Light Parade! (I secretly want to be one of the fairies in the Electric Light Parade!)  O.k., we like taking our kids and our grandkids to the Disney Parks every year. But I have to admit it's fun to go as … (1 comments)

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