salmon: WATERFRONT IN TOWN!!! Custom Home on 135 Ft Washougal River - 02/11/19 07:57 PM
541 K St.Washougal River Home 
Washougal, WA  98671
Few places on earth have the beauty of the Washougal River! This home sits on 135 feet of prime Washougal River waterfront with walk-down access! The Washougal River tumbles right past your backyard. The home is situated up on a ledge and the backyard is completely fenced for privacy. There is a beautiful black wrought iron fencing across the river side of the backyard.
Here is a rare opportunity to own a waterfront home in town on the Washougal River.  River front homes in town rarely become available. In the year 2018 there were only two and … (6 comments)

I have the extreme pleasure of working with "Anvil Outdoors Guide Service"  This is an outstanding fishing guide service for anyone who desires to bring home some delicious fish for dinner.  Here is a new  and interesting opportunity to strengthen your own business by advertising...check this out! 
Anvil Outdoors Guide Service
 Advertisement Opportunity!
-Buy an actual seat on the Anvil boat-
    Your company buys the advertising rights to one of the four seats for 4 years.     Brand new armrest chairs with your large full color UV protected company logo embroidered on the back!     Will be featured on hundreds of fish pictures and … (1 comments)

I sell many homes here on the Washougal River Rd. I often send an email to the new buyers so they can know some fun facts about this great river! 
Here is an email I just wrote this morning to a new buyer: 
Hey Scott.... I hope you are enjoying your new waterfront home! I just wanted you to know a little about the Washougal River community.  Starting from the furthest miles up the river and coming down river, here are some fun things only the locals would know:
 Dugan Falls on the Washougal River Rd: 
 Dugan falls is about 15 miles up the river away from town. But … (1 comments)

salmon: SOLD!!! WASHOUGAL RIVER CABIN GET-AWAY - 03/20/17 10:48 AM
This is an update to the listing of this property.  There are many more homes on waterfronts if you are interested.  
There are plenty more waterfront homes available here on the Washougal, the Columbia river and the Lewis River.
Call me. We can discuss!  I live here...
I know the waterfronts!
Here is a little about the Washougal River....
The Washougal River community has "RIVER" side and a "ROAD" side variety of homes. RIVER side is the most fun!Waterfront living is definitely a coveted "lifestyle." You are very lucky indeed … (8 comments)

salmon: Skip Work! Let's Go Fishing with Joel Henley! - 01/20/16 06:10 AM
Love to fish?? My good friend Joel Henley has made lots of fishermen VERY happy on their fishing trips. I have loved watching Joel start this AMAZING business. The best part I've loved is seeing the pictures of the smiling fishermen and women with their awesome gigantic fish that they have caught when out on their trips! 
Joel is such a fun person! Call him today to set up a fishing trip.  Bring your camera so you can show your friends the "one that DIDN'T get away." You'll be barbquing and smoking those fish steaks as soon as you get home! … (3 comments)

salmon: Brown Sugar Baking Salmon Recipe Washougal River Sept. 2015 - 09/15/15 09:23 AM

This is a fish caught by my awesome nephew Jamie. We call Jamie the "Fish Whispherer."   He can catch fish when no one else can! He just offered to bring us some Salmon tonight that he caught yesterday!  He sent us a picture from his phone...he had cleaned the fish and had it all fileted out.
Our favorite quick Salmon recipe: filet the fish, lay it on aluminum foil on a cookie baking sheet, put on a layer of mayonaise about 1/4 inch thick. Then cover the mayonaise with some brown sugar, then slice some lemons and place on top. … (2 comments)

salmon: Washougal River Seems To Be Lower Water Level This June 2015 - 06/22/15 12:57 AM
Washougal River Seems To Be Lower Water Level This June 2015
With less snowpack and rain, the Washougal River water level seems lower than usual. There is less water "traffic" coming by on the river. We live here on the Washougal River. Kayaks, Inner Tubes and Salmon all enjoy our river area.
It is usually a fun and welcome sight to see Kayak-ers coming barreling down past our back deck in the rapids in the spring and early summer. There is a "cove" near our house and sometimes the paddlers on kayaks will "hold up" there while others on kayaks would "try … (0 comments)

salmon: 15,000 Chinook Salmon Crossed into Washougal River Yesterday 8.29.2013 - 08/29/13 10:07 AM
The Columbia River leading into the Washougal River is called "The Camas Slough." (Slough is pronounced "slew")  Yesterday, August 29, nephew, "the fish whisperer" told me that over 15,000 Chinook crossed up into the channel heading up the Washougal River to spawn. Yes, there are lines of fishermen and women trying to catch just one of them! They have parked their cars up above by the railroad bridge, brought their lawnchairs and coolers and claimed a spot along the banks of the Columiba/Washougal River.
I live here on the Washougal and it is a cool time of year … (3 comments)

salmon: Interesting Neighbors on the Washougal River, Washington - 03/29/13 03:44 AM

Interesting Neighbors on the Washougal River!  Check out these beatiful Canadian Geese.......o.k. one of them is half missing in the first picture.  He is looking for Salmon or Steelhead or Trout fingerlings.  Lol, this makes him an "unwelcome" competition for the fishermen around here. Aren't they beautiful? They come to visit every spring.

Washougal River Waterfront Home Sale Prices Best Early Spring, Call Me!

Here are some helpful links to some of the things you can do around the community:

Relocate to Vancouver WA and Surrounding Areas

Washougal WA … (0 comments)

salmon: Wanna Live Next Door to the Salmon & Steelhead Buy Waterfront Property - 02/17/13 08:55 AM
Wanna Live Next Door to the Salmon and Steelhead? Buy a Waterfront Property!Make up any fish story you like, the fish don't mind!  Washougal River is noted for its Salmon and Steelhead runs. You have to be a GOOD fisherman or woman to catch them here though. There are different times of fish runs and lots of rapids and the river bed is made up of just rocks, so you will lose many lures until you become proficient in Washougal River Fishing! Can you do it??

I love Wikipedia don't you? Here are the "Recreation" features Wikipeida … (0 comments)

salmon: SOLD, BUT THERE ARE MORE! Fish on Your Own Washougal Waterfront - 07/24/12 04:02 AM


salmon: Tropical Blue Waters of the Washougal River in Winter - 03/05/12 01:56 AM
You've gotta drive up and see the winter time tropical blue waters of the Washougal River in Washington state....that's my favorite part of living on the Washougal River. As we are driving along the winding river road, the sun shines on the tumbling waters. The middle of the flowing river is a soft, muted turqouise. The white caps of the rapids are white and lacey. But, closer to the edge of the banks of the can see every pebble straight down to the sandy, rocky bottom. It is crystal clear. That's one of the reasons I love to live here … (2 comments)

salmon: Washougal River Homes March 8, 2011 - 03/07/11 05:48 PM
Washougal River homes this March 8th, 2011....there are some pretty interesting homes on the river right now. To be honest, Washougal River homes begin pricing at about $300,000.  That's true especially if you want the river-side homes with walk-down access and river frontage. Why have a river home if you can't enjoy the paradise that is river lifestyle? One of my favorite Washougal riverfront homes is a FSBO. It's not on the MLS and is owned by a friend of mine. I've shown it and written an offer on it a few months ago that didn't go through. It is huge, … (2 comments)

salmon: Washougal River |Cougar Creek|Cottrell Dam - 12/08/10 04:03 PM
Washougal River's Cougar Creek and Cottrell Dam
Both Cougar Creek and old Cottrell Dam abutement are near the five mile marker on the Washougal River. Both areas are great fishing, inner tubing, and kayaking areas. The narrow between the two rock walls makes up the five mile marker and the best dang fishing spot on the Washougal River! It's easy to tell when the salmon are running because at this five mile marker... trucks and their respective fishermen and women are lining the road. There will be small groups of men and women gathered on the edge of the 25 foot drop … (0 comments)

salmon: Washougal River Homes for Sale with River Frontage in Washougal WA - 07/19/10 12:23 PM

Catch Salmon, Steelhead, float the river, have friends over to swim, watch the's all here! Washougal River Homes for Sale-you could live here too. 
Call me if you'd like to tour waterfront homes!
There are plenty of homes for sale with river frontage. There are all shapes, sizes and prices.  I've lived here for over ten years. I know the neighborhoods, the traffic, the local stories and me! 360-852-1689
HERE ARE SOME OTHER INTERESTING WASHOUGAL BLOGS:Sandy Swimming Hole is a Popular Place on Sheperd Rd. Washougal WA, 9867115,000 Chinook Salmon Crossed into the Washougal River Yesterday … (1 comments)

salmon: Lewis and Clark|Fort Cascade, North Bonneville, Washington - 06/01/10 03:28 PM
Fort Cascades, North Bonneville, Washington
Mike and I placed a geocache in Fort Cascades with a title that is so catchy and humorously "tongue in cheek" that it gets a lot of attention all year long.

We named it "Lewis and Clark waiting for the Train."(Geocaching is hunting for hidden treasures all over every state in America and all over the world. It's done with a hand-held GPS and you "take a treasure and leave a treasure.") But back to the Lewis and Clark Waiting for the Train. We placed it up in Fort Cascade up near the … (1 comments)

salmon: Washougal River Salmon October 09 Clark County WA - 10/03/09 07:23 AM
The Washougal River is lower than I've seen it in the ten years that we have lived here. I feel sorry for the poor Salmon who are trying to make it up river to spawn. The salmon are coming back from a year or two in the ocean and are headed to a great fish hatchery about 15-20 miles up the Washougal River. Very often you can watch the Salmon splash through the rocks or perhaps gather in great schools and swarm round and round in the pools, trying to decide which of them will lead the way up through all the shallow rapids. … (2 comments)

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