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These numbers below are
Clark County WA
single family residences
Total Active Listings* Reported in Market Action:
Less Listings with Purchase Contingencies*:
Readily Purchased Listings:
Percent of Total Active Listings:
Less New Under Construction (not ready for occupancy):118
Less New Proposed (not started):
Total Readily Purchased & Occupied Listing:
Percent of Total Active Listings:
Inventory in Months of Readily Purchased & Occupied Listings:
Source: RMLS™ Regional Multiple Listing Service, Portland Oregon
Yes, your home value has most likely gone up so you will reap even more money if you sell in a hot market like February 2016.  
You might ask yourself..."but where will I go if my house sells in a week?"  … (0 comments)

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Data provided by ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.
Sellers, Six Tips to Save Your Hard Earned Money! Are you leaving money at the closing table that the buyers took away from you? It's pretty easy to do if you miss these easy tips.

Surveys have been done in several test cases of 1000 realtors nationwide. Here are the results: OVERPRICED HOMES: 77% out of 1000 realtors said "overpriced homes" are the number one reason … (2 comments)

sell: SOLD in 53 days! Sweet Ranch Home in Vancouver, WA - 10/19/13 03:54 AM
Sold! Sweet Ranch Home in Vancouver, WA
Do you need to sell your home too?…
1.Let's talk numbers about what you will net when you sell.
2. What is the true value of all the SOLDS similiar to your home?
3. What is different about your home that makes it shine above all the rest?
Do you need to sell your home too?
It can happen! Either fill in the information for your Homes Value report or feel free to call me or email me anytime.
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sell: Custom Home Evaluation Free for Your Home - 06/08/13 02:33 PM


I know you must have lots of questions about the process. 

1. You will want to know first and foremost, "How much will I net from the sale of my home?" After preparing comps of similiar solds like your house, we can figure out the top dollar for you.

2. I will look over your house as a buyer would see it and give you instructions on how to make your house the "shinest apple … (1 comments)

sell: Lowest Clark County Home Inventory in Twelve Years! - 04/01/13 02:32 AM
Lowest Clark County Home Inventory in Twelve Years!

SHOW READY, GOOD CONDITION AND PRICED RIGHT....If your home is "show ready" and in "good condition with no deferred maintenance problems" and priced for market value video...YOU MAY GET MULTIPLE OFFERS OR EVEN ABOVE LISTING PRICE.  It would be like the most popular girl having several guys ask her to prom. You have to be the sweetest home to get the attention, right?

At Realty Pro's Tuesday realtor meeting...we were honored to hear Noah Blanton from … (0 comments)

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Buyers have had the best of it since 2007, but I fear the end is near!!
The market stats today encompassing 6/11/2010 through 7/11/2010 are really hot. For Vancouver, WA residential homes including condos and including all areas 11-80 of Clark County, Washington:
Actives: 2,349Sold: 480Pending: 438FSBO Sold: 3 Short Sale Active:674Short Sale Sold:79Bank Owned Active:119Bank Owned Sold:54
If you notice...(our Vancouver/Clark County market was averaging around the 3,480 range for awhile there) the overall number of actives are going down in the last six months. This means that as the Clark County real estate market drops below seven months of home inventory … (5 comments)

sell: Real Estate Bottom? - 03/18/10 02:16 PM
Real Estate Bottom?
Warren Buffet tells us that investors "....should be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."  Are you fearful of today's real estate bottom, job losses and unemployment?  Are you WAITING for the market to drop to purchase a new home??As you may have noticed, the real estate industry has been hit very hard. Over a million real estate agents have dropped out of the business. Only the experienced real estate agent veterans are weathering with staunch perserverence, working, lead generating, serving  their clients. (Unless they are with Keller Williams and are following the Gary … (5 comments)

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