home improvement: Home Improvement - 09/14/09 03:28 AM
I would like to encourage all of you to please go to http://www.novapros.com and read one of the great articles on Home Improvement/Landscaping.  Once you have read the article, please post a comment directly to that article.
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home improvement: Load Bearing Walls - 07/01/09 12:08 PM
Many homeowners, would like to open up floor space, especially within older homes which often have relatively small rooms divided by walls. Removing walls however must be done carefully, keeping in mind load bearing walls.
For more details on load bearing walls, see the full article at http://www.novapros.com and read "Everything You Wanted to Know about Load Bearing Walls".
Please provide your feedback on this or any other article you have read at NOVA Pros.

home improvement: Home Repair/Improvement Tips - 06/26/09 06:31 AM
Many articles have been posted lately discussing some great home improvement tips.
For more information, go to http://www.novapros.com and click on any one of our Featured Articles entitled:
Tips for Repairing a Large Hole in Drywall
Go “Green” and Save (Home Improvements that are environmentally friendly and can save money in the long run)
Rain, Rain, Go Away (Tips on spotting a wet basement or flooding issues before buying a home)
How to Set-Up a Self-Sustaining Pond
Unusual Ways to Cover Ugly Walls in Your Home
Please give us any of your suggestions or ideas to any of these … (5 comments)

home improvement: More on Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Improvements - 06/15/09 05:22 AM
Homeowners now can claim up to $1,500 in expanded energy-efficiency tax credits for remodeling their principal residence to reduce energy consumption. Available until the end of 2010, the revamped Existing Home Retrofit (25C) Tax Credit helps consumers save two ways: on their costs and on their utility bills.
To find out more, please go to http://www.novapros.com and click on the article entitled "Key to Earning Energy-Efficient Tax Credits".  Please tell us your experience with receiving these credits on your energy efficient improvements.

home improvement: Water Heaters - 05/21/09 03:32 AM
Looking for a new water heater? Trying to figure out the best water heater to buy? Maybe your current one is on its last legs or you’ve simply outgrown your old unit.  Go to http://www.novapros.com and read our article on "Appliance Spotlight:  Water Heaters" before your next purchase.
Please let us know what experience you have had with water heaters, and your criteria.

home improvement: Save Money Around your Home - 05/06/09 02:18 AM
A few ways to save money are:
1. Install a programmable thermostat.
2. Use “Smart Power Strips” to turn off power to electronics when not in use.
3. Turn off lights when you leave a room.
Want to know more ways of saving money?  Go to http://www.novapros.com and click on 25 Money Savings Tips for the Home.
Please share any tips that you have.  I would love to hear about them.

home improvement: Home Improvement Tax Credits - 05/04/09 05:02 AM
Want to know how you can get tax credits from your next home improvements?
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 makes some significant changes to the tax credits that are available to homeowners who make energy-efficient improvements in 2009 and 2010. 
Read the article on http://www.novapros.com for a summary of such improvements.
Please let me know if you know more about this act and you take on it.

home improvement: Wall Ovens - 04/29/09 02:02 AM
Buying a wall oven is a great space-saving appliance. A built-in wall oven, unlike a regular freestanding range, is surrounded by cabinets. The cabinets are usually built under and above the oven, providing ideal storage space for your cookware. 
To learn more about the different features of a wall oven, go to http://www.novapros.com and click on Appliance Spotlight:  Wall Ovens.  Please provide your feedback on this appliance.

home improvement: Windows, Siding, and Roofs - 04/27/09 07:53 AM
Any time of year is a good time to consider the condition of your windows, siding, or roof. In the article, "Windows, Siding, and Roofs" found at http://www.novapros.com are some helpful tips when it comes time to replace any of them.
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home improvement: Seller’s Home Appeal for Today’s Market - 04/15/09 03:32 AM
After years of hearing from successful sellers that they didn’t have to do a thing to sell, they now need to understand how they can stand out from their competition.  Read the article on Seller’s Home Appeal for Today’s Market at http://www.novapros.com for ways to stand out from the other homes on the market.
Please provide your suggestions as to how a buyer can stand out from their competition.

home improvement: Looking for Home Improvement Articles - 04/14/09 01:48 AM
We are going strong on our website at http://www.novapros.com which provides helpful tips to the consumer before starting a home improvement project, either themselves or hiring a contractor.
Our website's best value is the articles submitted by the experts in their field.
If you are the expert, and would like to post an article on our website, please send an email, comment here, or go directly to the site and register.  We would love to have your articles and in return, we will provide a link back to your website, or provide a link to your email address.
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home improvement: Going Green on Your Next Renovation - 04/02/09 11:54 PM
Great tips on how to go green when you consider your next renovation/remodeling project.
Go to the article entitled Going Green on Your Next Renovation at http://www.novapros.com for more helpful ways to save Planet Earth.

home improvement: Home Improvement - 04/02/09 02:10 AM
Not sure when to prune, what to do with winter-covering mulch, or can I still care for that old tree? Below are some helpful tips for you to keep in mind when you start your landscape “spring cleaning”.
Want new cabinets? Not sure where to start? Below are a few steps and tips before you buy new cabinets for any kitchen or bathroom upgrade.
Washing clothes isn’t much fun to begin with. But waiting hours for the tub to fill sure doesn’t help matters any.
These problems and more are resolved at http://www.novapros.com in our articles written by experts in the … (0 comments)

home improvement: Clothes Washers - 04/01/09 03:01 AM
A new article just posted entitled Appliance Spotlight:  Clothes Washers gives you some great detail on all the features that clothes washers have and gives good tips as to the one that is right for you.  Find this and other great articles on http://www.novapros.com. 
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home improvement: Appliances and more - 03/24/09 04:13 AM
There have been several articles posted lately at NOVA Pros that focus on appliance shopping (dryers and dishwashers) and a great article on Spring Cleaning your Lawn.
For more information go to http://www.novapros.com and check out our featured articles.
All comments are welcomed.

home improvement: Cabinets: What to Know - 03/13/09 02:10 AM
A recent post on http://www.novapros.com discuss what you need to know before you buy cabinets, from basics to design details.
Please post any tips you may have on cabinet buying or what works with selling a home.

home improvement: Why Stage? - 03/11/09 12:41 AM
I have just posted an article written by our very own Joanne O'Donnell, Interior Design expert, as to why we should stage our homes.
To read more on Why Stage? go to http://www.novapros.com and see why Joanne suggest staging.

home improvement: Incentives for American Homes - 03/09/09 02:21 AM
If you ever wanted to make your home more energy efficient and get tax credit for it, now is the time.
Read "Incentives for American Homes" at http://www.novapros.com for ways to earn those tax credits.

home improvement: What's In, What's Out with Homebuyers - 01/29/09 11:32 PM
Mark Nash, author of four real estate books, has completed his annual survey of 839 real estate agents in all fifty states in the US and the eight provinces of Canada.
What’s in, what’s out with Homebuyers illuminates what’s popular or what sours homebuyers in both the home purchase or sale transaction and home decor. Compiled annually from-the-trenches, it offers a spectrum of tips that cover reality of buying a home and design no-no’s for home sellers and buyer must-haves.
Full article at http://www.novapros.com
Do any of you have a tip on what to do or not to do?  I would … (0 comments)

home improvement: New Year’s Energy Efficienct Home Improvement Resolutions - 01/16/09 02:03 AM
Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2009? Maybe you want to lose weight, eat healthier, get outside more, and spend more time with the family.
Did you make any home improvement resolutions? Clean garage, paint bedroom, remodel kitchen, or install home theater.
Did any of those resolutions include reducing your carbon footprint?
Your what? Your carbon footprint is how you treat the earth around you. Go to http://www.novapros.com for suggestions on how to care for our Earth.  Find tips on hot water heaters, furnaces, garage doors, and more.


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